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Ca. 1900: Farm machinery on Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab02.jpg (3128 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Looking west on Main Street from the railroad tracks (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab04.jpg (2531 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Bringing cattle down Main Street to the Stockyard (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab19.jpg (2329 bytes)
Ca. 1900: The original part of Kewaskum, looking east on Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab21.jpg (2772 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Looking east on Main Street at Fond du Lac Avenue (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab31.jpg (3266 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Rural mail carrier (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1910_ab34.jpg (3754 bytes)
1910: Water wagon wetting down Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1910_ab03.jpg (3237 bytes)
1910: "Fair Day" on Main Street east of Fond du Lac Avenue (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1910_ab12.jpg (3248 bytes)
1910: Main Street bridge over Milwaukee River (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1920_ab09.jpg (2856 bytes)
1920's: Looking north on Fond du Lac Avenue (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1920_ab17.jpg (3478 bytes)
1920's: Manure spreaders line up for a photo (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1920_ab05.jpg (2318 bytes)
1920's: Walter Belger in front of Miller's store (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1922_ab08.jpg (2916 bytes)
1922: Installing sewer and water lines on Main Street (Augie Bilgo
thm125a_kh01.jpg (1999 bytes)
1924: The Highway 55 (now 45) bridge over the Milwaukee River, August 4 (James Andre family)
thm125a_kh02.jpg (2266 bytes)
1924: Sideview of the Highway 55 (now 45) bridge over the Milwaukee River, August 4 (James Andre family)
thm125a_kh03.jpg (3859 bytes)
1924: Chicago & North Western mail train #125 derailed in washout, August 4 (James Andre family)
thm125a_kh04.jpg (2237 bytes)
1924: The Milwaukee River flowing under the bridge at Main Street, August 4 (James Andre family)
thm125a_kh07.jpg (2317 bytes)
1924: Chicago & North Western steam pile driver driving new pilings for the railroad's replacement bridge, August 7 (James Andre family)
thm125a_kh05.jpg (2567 bytes)
1924: Looking north on Fond du Lac Avenue in anticipation of the American Legion Parade, August 10 (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh06.jpg (2635 bytes)
1924: Washed out bridge of the Chicago & North Western, August 4 (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh10.jpg (3241 bytes)
1924: American Legion parade marching east on Main Street (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh11.jpg (2512 bytes)
1924: Gravel site on a farm just north of Kewaskum during construction of Highway V (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh12.jpg (2648 bytes)
1924: Road grader and driver during construction of Highway V (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh09.jpg (2699 bytes)
1924: American Legion parade, looking east on Main Street and Fond du Lac Avenue (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh13.jpg (2418 bytes)
1924: Gravel trucks during construction of Highway V (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh20.jpg (3779 bytes)
1927: Steeplejack painting the top of the flagpole on Main Street, May 16 (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh16.jpg (2751 bytes)
1927: "Fair Day" in Kewaskum, May 25 (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh17.jpg (3553 bytes)
1927: Just married couple and cohorts pose in front of Kewaskum
Bank, June 1.
(James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh19.jpg (2186 bytes)
1929: Promotion in front of Lay Lumber, September 26 (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kewaskum_1936_tt01.jpg (2183 bytes)
1936: Washington County snowplow on Fond du Lac Avenue and Main Street (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1936_tt02.jpg (2109 bytes)
1936: Snowstorm; horses and sleighs still in use (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1937_tt08.jpg (2795 bytes)
1937: Farmers' "Fair Day" (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt09.jpg (3143 bytes)
1938: February snowstorm; semi-trucks southbound on Fond du Lac Avenue (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt26.jpg (2589 bytes)
1938: Looking east on Main Street (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt31.jpg (2738 bytes)
1938: Greyhound bus bound for Chicago stops for pickup at Grandview Lunch (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1939_tt10.jpg (2592 bytes)
1939: Farmers' "Fair Day" (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1940_tt24.jpg (5178 bytes)
1940: Watching Fireman's parade in front of the Grandview, July 14 (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1940_tt18.jpg (2522 bytes)
1940: Milwaukee Journal newspaper truck overturned on Fond du Lac Avenue, October (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1941_tt16.jpg (2825 bytes)
1941: Northbound Chicago & North Western Streamliner (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1941_tt17.jpg (3008 bytes)1941: Two northbound Greyhound buses at Fond du Lac Avenue and Main Street, September (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1942_tt19.jpg (3215 bytes)
1942: Hugo and Bill Schaub plowing snow on Forest Avenue after January storm (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1942_tt11.jpg (3277 bytes)
1942: People gather around accident between C&NW Streamliner and a Model T (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1942_tt12.jpg (2888 bytes)
1942: Fireman's parade on Fond du Lac Avenue, August 9 (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1942_tt13.jpg (2639 bytes)
1942: The end of the Fireman's parade, at Fond du Lac Avenue and Main Street, August 9 (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1943_tt25.jpg (4052 bytes)
1943: Lay Lumber Company's WWII "Victory" sign, June (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1949_tt22.jpg (4021 bytes)
1949: Greyhound bus accident on Highway 55 overhead bridge at the north end of town (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1950_tt20.jpg (3487 bytes)
1950: Friendly Farmer Tavern float on Main Street during Legion Parade, July 9 (Tiny Terlinden)


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