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Ca. 1900: A. G. Koch Store on Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
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Ca. 1900: Looking west on Main Street from the railroad tracks (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab07.jpg (2595 bytes)
Ca. 1900:
Sawmill on the Milwaukee River. The Bilgo barn is in the background. (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab19.jpg (2329 bytes)
Ca. 1900: The original part of Kewaskum, looking east on Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab20.jpg (2593 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Ice house on east side of river at the dam (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab22.jpg (3230 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Sawmill on west side of river at dam (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab32.jpg (2890 bytes)
Ca. 1900: The dam just north of Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab26.jpg (3597 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Northside Park dance hall (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab27.jpg (3347 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Northside Park dining hall (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1905_ab33.jpg (4140 bytes)
1905: Groundbreaking at Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1910_ab12.jpg (3248 bytes)
1910: Main Street bridge over Milwaukee River (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1920_ab16.jpg (4260 bytes)
1920's: Schaefer Garage crew--Foxy Dreher, Bill Eberle, John S., Frank Krueger, Shorty Schaefer (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1920_ab15.jpg (2933 bytes)
1920's: Schaefer's Garage on Parkview Drive (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1922_ab08.jpg (2916 bytes)
1922: Installing sewer and water lines on Main Street (Augie Bilgo
thm125a_kh04.jpg (2237 bytes)
1924: Blacksmith shop beyond flooding Milwaukee River, August 4 (James Andre family)
thm125a_kh15.jpg (2210 bytes)
1925: Final work on the new Kewaskum High School (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh17.jpg (3553 bytes)
1927: Just married couple and cohorts pose in front of Kewaskum
Bank, June 1.
(James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh19.jpg (2186 bytes)
1929: Promotion in front of Lay Lumber, September 26 (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kewaskum_1930_ab23.jpg (2945 bytes)
1930: Eberle's Tavern on Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1930_ab24.jpg (3569 bytes)
1930: Bowling at Eberle's Tavern on Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1936_ab18.jpg (2793 bytes)
Honeck Chevrolet customers pose for photo (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1937_ab38.jpg (3295 bytes)
1937: Henry Opperman's new tracktor at A. G. Koch Implement (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt27.jpg (2340 bytes)
1938: The Chicago & North Western depot on Main Street and Railroad Street (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt29.jpg (2768 bytes)1938: The Republican House (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt33.jpg (3010 bytes)
1938: Grandview Luncheon and Tavern (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt34.jpg (2831 bytes)
1938: Kewaskum High School (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt30.jpg (2045 bytes)
1938: Marx's IGA store on Main Street west of the railroad tracks (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt32.jpg (3088 bytes)
1938: Rosenheimer's Department Store on Fond Du Lac Avenue (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt37.jpg (3193 bytes)
1938: Perschbacher Garage on Fond du Lac Avenue (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt38.jpg (2020 bytes)
1938: The original Village Hall (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt35.jpg (1890 bytes)
1938: Kewaskum Aluminum Company (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt36.jpg (2564 bytes)
1938: Rosenheimer's Malt House (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1940_tt24.jpg (5178 bytes)
1940: Watching Fireman's parade in front of the Grandview, July 14 (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1941_tt15.jpg (3354 bytes)
1941: Elmer Yoost Meat Market on Fond du Lac Avenue (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1942_tt14.jpg (2813 bytes)
1942: Miller's new furniture store, rebuilt after January fire (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1949_tt23.jpg (2383 bytes)
1949: Kewaskum Theater on Fond du Lac Avenue south of Main Street (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1950_ab10.jpg (3168 bytes)
1950's: Schultz's Restaurant, later Campbell's Village Inn (Augie Bilgo)


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