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thm125a_kewaskum_1850_ab11.jpg (2937 bytes)
Ca. 1850: Chief Kewaskum of the Potawatomi Tribe (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab28.jpg (3208 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Northside Park beer stand--Fred Andre, Joe Eberle, Kirby Koch, Art Koch (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab29.jpg (3223 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Northside Park--ladies having a good time at a picnic (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab06.jpg (2717 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Northside Park along the river (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab31.jpg (3266 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Rural mail carrier (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1900_ab35.jpg (4003 bytes)
Ca. 1900: Farm machinery on Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1910_ab34.jpg (3754 bytes)
1910: Water wagon wetting down Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1920_ab05.jpg (2318 bytes)
1920's: Walter Belger in front of Miller's store (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1920_ab30.jpg (4968 bytes)
1920's: Kewaskum baseball team (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1920_ab16.jpg (4260 bytes)
1920's: Schaefer Garage crew--Foxy Dreher, Bill Eberle, John S., Frank Krueger, Shorty Schaefer (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kh09.jpg (7812 bytes)
1924: American Legion parade, looking east on Main Street and Fond du Lac Avenue (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh10.jpg (9232 bytes)
1924: American Legion parade marching east on Main Street (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh12.jpg (7857 bytes)
1924: Road grader and driver during construction of Highway V (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh14.jpg (7230 bytes)
1924: Construction crew cooks during the construction of Highway V (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kewaskum_1926_ab25.jpg (3708 bytes)
1926: High School girls baskeball team (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kh08.jpg (7415 bytes)
1926: Airplane wreckage in a potato field near Kewaskum, July 5 (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh17.jpg (3553 bytes)
1927: Just married couple and cohorts pose in front of Kewaskum Bank, June 1. (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kh18.jpg (2927 bytes)
1927: Ladies Aid of St. Lucas Lutheran Church, June 12 (James Andre Family)
thm125a_kewaskum_1930_ab24.jpg (3569 bytes)
1930: Bowling at Eberle's Tavern on Main Street (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1936_tt04.jpg (2892 bytes)
Alvin Adams and Verifine delivery truck at Grandview Lunch (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1936_tt03.jpg (3211 bytes)
: Gwynn Boucher and Blatz beer truck making delivery behind Grandview Lunch and Tavern (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1936_tt05.jpg (3225 bytes)
: Harold Mehring and fish delivery truck on Fond du Lac Avenue and Main Street (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1936_tt06.jpg (2928 bytes)
: Adolph Traeder and Wonder Bread delivery truck on Fond du Lac Avenue and Main (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1937_tt07.jpg (3181 bytes)
: Henry Ramthun and his new Dodge truck (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1938_tt28.jpg (3356 bytes)
1938: George Brandt, Jr., Kewaskum's motorcycle cop (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1936_tt24.jpg (14457 bytes)
Watching Fireman's parade in front of the Grandview, July 14 (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1941_tt15.jpg (3354 bytes)
1941: Elmer Yoost, Meat Market on Fond du Lac Avenue (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1942_tt19.jpg (3215 bytes)
1942: Hugo and Bill Schaub plowing snow on Forest Avenue after January storm (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1942_tt11.jpg (9300 bytes)
1942: People gather around accident between C&NW Streamliner and a Model T (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1943_tt25.jpg (4052 bytes)
Al Hron, Tiny Terlinden, and Ray Ziemet in front of Lay Lumber Co. "Victory" sign, June (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1952_tt21.jpg (3833 bytes)
1952: Tiny Terlinden playing the accordion in his band, January (Tiny Terlinden)
thm125a_kewaskum_1956_ab37.jpg (3821 bytes)
1956: Kewaskum baseball team (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1985_ab36.jpg (4026 bytes)
1985: Augie Bilgo retires as Chief of the Fire Department (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1995_ab13.jpg (3814 bytes)
1995: Augie Bilgo, Jim Yanke, and Tiny Terlinden at Riverhill Park, June 10 (Augie Bilgo)
thm125a_kewaskum_1995_ab14.jpg (3986 bytes)
1995: Augie and Verla Bilgo at Riverhill Park, June 10 (Augie Bilgo)


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