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Rosendale Scott Club

Oshkosh Democrat, October 8, 1852

The Whigs of Rosendale and vicinity held a meeting at the Village of Rosendale on the 21st inst., for the purpose of organizing a "Scott Club," Dr. D. S. Hall being called to the chair, the following Preamble and Constitution were presented and adopted.

Number 6 resolution" No interference by Congress with slavery as it now exists in any State--but a firm and vigilant resistance to its legalization in any National Territory, or the acquisition of any Foreign territory wherein Slavery may or may not exist, an everlasting protest against the hunting of FUGITIVE SLAVES in free states as an inevitable cause of agitation, ill feeling and alienation between NORTH and SOUTH, a firm, earnest and inflexible testimony in common with the great mass of the Whig Party, that human SLAVERY though legally protected, is morally wrong and ought to be speedily terminated.

President Honorable Bertine Pinckney

News clipping courtesy Kevin Dier-Zimmel