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Wisconsin Emigration to Kansas


Wisconsin to Kansas

  • Emigrant Aid Society [1856]
    On April 22, the Milwaukee Seninel announced a report by Edward Daniels on the Kansas Emigrant Aid Society and his proposal to form a party to emigrate to Kansas.
  • Emigrant Party Leaves Milwaukee [1856]
    On May 21 the Sentinel announced that an emigrant party of fifty people had departed for Kansas.
  • Oakfield Emigrants vs. Milwaukee Emigrants [1856]
    The Democratic Republican Sentinel of Beaver Dam contrasts an emigrant party of "true" settlers leaving from Oakfield and bound for Kansas with the heavily armed emigrants from Milwaukee sponsored by the Wisconsin Kansas Aid society.
  • Gathering of the Friends of Kansas [1856]
    Edward Daniels addressed a gathering in Beaver Dam on June 27, 1856, in support of the movement to make Kansas a free state. Following the address, a motion was made to form a Kansas Aid Society.
  • A Dodge County Man in the Hands of the Ruffians [1856]
    In June, 1856, Alexander Voorhees of Burnett and a company of emigrants to Kansas organized by Edward Daniels were refused a landing at Leavenworth by an armed guard of border ruffians.
  • Wisconsin Emigrants Arrested [1856]
    Edward Daniels reported in a letter home published in the Republican Beaver Dam paper on October 30 that he had been stopped while entering Kansas and had a shipment of rifles confiscated by U. S. troops. Although he argued that the rifles were purely for the use of settlers in providing food for their families, the rifles were not returned.