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Wisconsin Emigrants Arrested

The Wisconsin Emigrants Arrested and Disarmed
Dodge County Citizen [Beaver Dam], October 30, 1856

----- FROM KANSAS -----

Camp Plymouth, October 11,

Messrs. Editors: --The Wisconsin Kansas emigrants under my charge were pursuing their way quietly this morning in company with several other parties, when they were suddenly arrested by a detachment of the U. S. Dragoons, Colonel Cook commandant, when about 6 miles South of the Kansas line. They were then subjected to a rigid search, and some 300 stand of arms taken from the wagons.

The Whole train was then taken prisoners, and we are now so held. The

Wisconsin party lost no arms except 2 fine Sharp's rifles, wrenched from the arms of Paul Miller, of Columbus, and Carmi Vaughn of Waupaca. It is a miserable rainy day, and to be kept 3 hours standing in the rain, and our goods overhauled in this manner, is not eminently calculated to make us amiable. We are just sending away a messenger with letters and a formal statement of our treatment, which you will receive regularly.

Most of our valuable arms mere sent foward and the others We shall doubtless recover When we get our liberty. We shall be sent to Lecompton tomorrow. The boys are all well and in good spirits. Their merry laugh rings out around the campfires, where they stand in the rain cracking jokes at the marshal and his posse. It is but just to say that many of the officers and troops expressed their disapprobation of the work they were compelled to do, in the warmest terms.

Two-thirds of the men are heartily with us. The Wisconsin boys acquitted themselves well, clinging to everything, and protesting to the last.

The practical loss is nothing, but the ruthless violation of our sacred Constitutional rights, is an outrage, which justifies the gravest action. It is the first case of disarming a body of emigrants by the U. S. Troops in Kansas.

Gov. Geary was visited by one of our number in our behalf, was informed that we were armed, and sent us a letter of welcome, which we presented.

Our arms were only such as we needed for protection. They were taken, and we are prisoners tonight.

News clipping courtesy Kevin Dier-Zimmel.