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Gathering of the Friends of Kansas

Immense Gathering of the Friends of Kansas
Dodge County Citizen [Beaver Dam], June 27, 1856

Pursuant to the notice, the people of this city met at the Presbyterian Church on Tuesday evening to listen to the address of Professor Edward Daniels. Towards eight o'clock, the church was filled to its utmost capacity by an audience composed mainly of our best citizens, and many of all political parties. On motion, George H. Stewart was chosen Chairman of the meeting, and Mr. Cullaton, Secretary.

A liberty song was then sung by the choir, and a prayer was offered up by Reverend Miter. The chairman then introduced Professor Daniel to the audience, and he proceeded to deliver his address.

We had intended to give a synopsis of this address, but the amount of space requires for other matters prevents us from doing so. We can only say the information imparted by the speaker, and the manner in which he depicted the sufferings and wrongs imposed upon the people of Kansas, was warmly received by the audience; and determination of Free State men to remain in the territory to the last, and of their friends to assist and reinforce them met warm response in every heart.

At the close of the lecture a collection was taken up, amounting to about $36. In addition to this two individuals pledged themselves to contribute $1 per month until Kansas should be free.

After the collection, a motion was made to form a Kansas Aid Society. George H. Stewart was chosen President, Andrew Haight Vice president, M. Cullaton Secretary, and Lorenzo Merrill Treasurer.
The meeting then adjourned to be again convened at the call of the Secretary.

Newspaper clipping courtesy Kevin Dier-Zimmel.