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Emigrant Party Leaves Milwaukee

Milwaukee Sentinel, May 21, 1856

The Kansas Emigrants---The party of emigrants for Kansas, numbering about 50 persons, started yesterday on their journey over-land, the white tops of their wagons, as they passed through the streets, reminding one of the California caravans of a few years since. They will be joined on their route by other parties from this State, and will form a welcome addition to the Army of Freedom in Kansas. It is such rills as this, which Hunker friends affect to sneer at, which make up a mighty torrent of free settlers now pouring into the debatable ground of KANSAS. The following list, we believe, comprises the party which left yesterday:

E. G. Ross, wife and 8 children
J. B. Oline, and wife
J. B. Hutt, wife and 2 boys
W. Raymond, wife and two children
Robert Earle, wife and 7 children
J. B. Coffin, wife and 1 child
E. D. Lathrop, wife and 2 children
G. W. Lee
Andrew Stowell
Wm. Parker
D. B. Coffin
R. W. Plumber
Leonard Brush
Henry A. Fox
H. M. Hopper
John B. Smith
E. Lincoln
A. B. Whitlock
Timothy Holloran
Wm. S. Martin, 2 sons and 2 daughters

Notes: Edmund G. Ross would later cast the deciding vote in the United States Senate against the removal from office of President Andrew Johnson, setting a precedent in the development of the federal government.

Notes and newspaper clipping courtesy Kevin Dier-Zimmel.