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Green Lake County, Wisconsin


Parallel on the North [south] to the town of Princeton; bounded on the East by the town of Brooklyn; South [north] by Seneca; West by Marquette county. It all its general features of soil, productions and timber, is much the same as Princeton, with exception of the north and west sides of the town, bordered by the Puckayan and White River marshes, the lands surrounding which are high, broken, uneven sand hills, although the lands west side of the river are not so much broken as in the former town; extensive sandy plains rising one above the other as you travel north, falling abruptly to the marshes, which are extensive and will in time make this town as well as Princeton, rich in corn and cattle.

The village of St. Marie is pleasantly situated on the rather uneven high banks of land east side of the Fox River; in times gone by it bid fair to be a place of considerable importance; other locations as places of business have shorn the village of its advantages for trade and commerce. Its appearance denotes dilapidation, buildings going to ruin, some of which have been left in an unfinished state, give all the appearance of means wasted and of its decay and loss of trade. The village is regularly platted out, some rather good tenements, whilst the general lack of thrift with most of them, makes the contrast more complete.

About half a mile south of the village is the remains of the village of Hamilton, a competitor for Metropolitan honors; some years gone by it had a population of 125 inhabitants. In the days of its prosperity had two Stores; two Black-smith Shops; one Tin Shop; two Taverns; one Post-office; was a place of a good deal of trade; had a bridge across the river, but the fates in an angry flood of the breaking up of the river carried this structure down stream, which sealed the doom of this outgrowth of speculation; what there is left of the place are four dwellings and one barn; tavern houses and stores have gone off bodily--the Cottage House at St. Marie, moved off under the steady pull of fifty-three yoke of oxen, whilst some less cumbersome to a more lengthy flight to Princeton, one of which is occupied by R. C. Treat, esq., as a store.

Mt. Tom, famous for the production of a good quality of lime, supplying the adjoining country, is situated two miles north of the village of St. Marie.

John C. Gillespy, The History
of Green Lake County
Berlin: T. L. Terry & Co., 1860

*Dayton Township was subsequently absorbed by the towns of Green Lake and Marquette, the eastern two and a half sections running north-south becoming part of Green Lake and the western three and a half sections part of Marquette.

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