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Green Lake County, Wisconsin


Bounded on the North by Waushara county; on the East by the town of Berlin; on the South by the town of St. Marie; on the west by Marquette county. In the division of Marquette county two miles of the east part of the town of Neshkoro were added thereto.* The first settlement in town was made by Mr. Ayshford, on what is now known as Ayshford's Isle. About one of the first houses in the town is the Four-mile House, occupied as a tavern, the only one in the town, kept by Mr. Clogg.

This town is nearly surrounded by marsh, varying from a half to three or four miles wide. Face of the town generally level, with the exception of some sand hills near the Four-mile House, adjoining the town of Berlin; lands west to Ayshford's Isle level openings of rather a better quality; this isle has about eight or nine hundred acres; handsome oak openings interspersed with hickory, considered best land in town. A large stream of water known as Kelly's creek, passes through near the center from north to south; small creek on the west dividing this isle from Rodney's, which is the highest land in this part of the county, and entirely settled by Irish; is much broken; has about twelve hundred acres; some very handsome valleys or high flats, along and adjoining the marshes. Near the center forty acres of rocks of the same formations as as the city of Berlin, rising to forty or sixty feet in altitude. Pine Isle has about one thousand acres; is a low level piece of land under no cultivation; takes its name from a few Sturgeon pines growing thereon; some two or three large cranberry marshes; there is but one family living on it; cranberries the staple production. A branch of White River marsh divides this island from Seneca Isle, which contains some fifteen hundred acres, a portion of which is under cultivation; soil sandy loam, oak openings interspersed sparingly with hickory; considered fair quality of land; timber lands along its western borders. Lands generally good, rising gently and evenly from the marshes, which produce an excellent quality of hay.

The town has about an equal portion of Yankees and of foreign birth; some ten English families near Four-mile House, whilst the Irish are mostly on Rodney's Island.

John C. Gillespy, The History
of Green Lake County
Berlin: T. L. Terry & Co., 1860

* C. W. Butterfield's History of Wisconsin indicates that "the territory was part of Marquette county until May 12, 1858, at which date is was by an act of the legislature separately organized under the name of Green Lake county." Berlin was made the first county seat, followed by Dartford in 1862.

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