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Green Lake County, Wisconsin

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Mary Krueger was born in Manchester Township on September 30, 1872, the daughter of Fred and Emma Krueger. (Click on the photograph for a larger image and additional information.)


Third Wisconsin Cavalry, Company C, 1861-65
(Recruited by E. R. Stevens and James B. Pond)
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Manchester Directory from Fox & Dudley History of Green Lake Co., 1869
Wisconsin State Gazetteers for the Village of Manchester

Bounded on the North by the town of Dayton; on the East by the town of Macford; on the South by Columbia county; on the West by the town of Kingston. The Grand River…is perhaps half a mile wide, passing nearly or quite through the center of the town, running somewhat east by north into the town of Mackford; some parts of it are rather broken, but its most general appearance is that of a handsome valley of openings and oak timber land…. This town is quite equally divided into openings, timber openings, prairie and marsh, quite equally scattered through the town.

The east branch of the Fox River heads in a south-west corner of this town at the foot of the prairie; a marsh on this stream half a mile wide and one and a half miles in length; openings on the high lands; soil sand loam. A German settlement of about twenty-five families in this quarter of the town. A Welsh settlement west of south side, of fifteen or twenty families, who have an organized society and house of worship; pastor Rev. T. Roberson. Lands on north-west half of the town north of Manchester, rather high rolling land.

The village of Manchester is situated near the center of the town, on the high lands north of the valley of the Grand River. The hill on which it is built may be some eighty feet above the level of the river; it has about fifty inhabitants; two Stores; one Boot and Shoe Store, one Blacksmith Shop; one Tin Shop; one Wagon Shop; a District School; Post-office; a Grist Mill, three stories high, two run of stone, capacity, eighty barrels of flour in twenty-four hours; eleven feet head and fall, about three fourths of the power used; owned by E. B. Hoyt.

John C. Gillespy, The History
of Green Lake County
Berlin: T. L. Terry & Co., 1860

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