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Green Lake County, Wisconsin

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Early photographs of the Kingston House
established by D. N.
(courtesy Kevin

Third Wisconsin Cavalry, Company C, 1861-65
(Recruited by E. R. Stevens, Kingston)
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Wisconsin State Gazetteers for the Village of Kingston

Bounded on the North by the town of Marquette; on the East by the town of Manchester; on the South by Columbia county; on the West by the valley of the Fox River…organized with town of Marquette 1849, separated January 10th, 1850.

Mount Moriah, the highest land in the county, stands like a sentinel, breasting the storm that sweeps over its face, a land mark and a guide for miles around, stretching out its arms to the east as if in protection to the valley lying at its base.

The face of the town is much broken, but well adapted for cultivation and the raising of stock; well watered, with its bountiful crop of hay or pasturage, it will become in time under proper cultivation, rich in herds of cattle and in the products of the dairy.

[The village of Kingston was] organized 1858; P. D. Hayward, President; L. Boyington, E. R. Stevens, E. H. Dart, Trustees; S. G. Seaton, Clerk. population of village about 900--all Yankees. Built upon an elevated point of land, about half a mile in width, extending and falling from the high lands west into the low flats of the Grand River valley; its situation is pleasant and healthy. To the east the mill-pond, a handsome body of water, more in appearance like a lake than for the use it is put to. Handsome, swelling and rising lands to the east, mostly in cultivation, sweeping round the limits of your vision from the north to the hills on the south, the valley to the south covered with water to the shore of the rising lands, whilst to the north the river bursting from the fetters man has put upon the rippling stream, passes away to the north-west, uniting with the Fox River; the prospect is a pleasant and diversified landscape; marsh along its banks.

J. H. Dart made the first settlement in this town, located on section eleven, within the bounds of the village; Mr. Killmer came 1846; located on section sixteen; built the first frame house, the one Mr. Allen now lives in. Mr. E. R. Stevens opened the first store; prospered in the undertaking, and still continues so to do; building covered with split logs; had to set up nights, when it rained, catching water in tin pans to save his goods from injury.

John C. Gillespy, The History
of Green Lake County
Berlin: T. L. Terry & Co., 1860

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