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Image credits from top: Sketch of Berlin, 1867, A. Ruger; View of Green Lake, 1888, Library of Congress; Dartford mill and
railroad, ca. 1890, Library of Congress; Marquette, 1910, courtesy Florian Laper;
derailment of No. 2814, courtesy Florian Laper.

Through the first third of the last century Green Lake County was part of the Winnebago Indian nation. By the close of the 1830's, however, the central Wisconsin wilderness, the new Northwest, became a focal point for easterners hoping to create new lives for themselves. In the 1840's and 1850's they came by the thousands to rebuild the homes, farms, and communities they knew in New England, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Together with immigrants from Ireland, England, and Germany, these easterners established one of Wisconsin's most productive agricultural areas and the communities of Berlin, Dalton, Green Lake (Dartford), Kingston, Manchester, Markesan, Marquette, Princeton, and St. Marie. Other communities--notable among them the quarry community of Utley--have come and gone.

Dedicated to documenting the history and telling the cultural and family stories of the area, this site is sponsored by the Wisconsin Local History Network. Its goal is to record and make available the county's historical materials for the Internet community. In so doing, it also hopes to make more visible the critical work of the county's historical societies in preserving the heritage of past and present generations of county residents:

Berlin Historical Society
Berlin Mueum of Local History
   111 S. Adams Avenue
Clark School Museum
   253 Water Street, Riverside Park
Berlin Wisconsin

Dartford Historical Society
Society Building
   501 Mill Street
Dartford Depot Museum
   554 Mill Street
Green Lake, Wisconsin

Markesan Historical Society
Grand River Valley Museum and Depot
214 E. John Street
Markesan, Wisconsin

Princeton Historical Society
Warnke Building - Tourist Information Center
   708 W. Water Street
Stone House
   632 W. Water Street
Princeton, Wisconsin

This site is entirely dependent on the contributions of volunteers in transcribing the records, copying the photographs, locating the letters, and interpreting the information that it takes to develop and maintain it. If you have an interest in participating in the ongoing project of documenting the history of Green Lake County on the Web, please contact Bob Schuster at rmschust@facstaff.wisc.edu or at 6020 Kristi Circle, Monona, WI 53716 (608-221-1421).