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Unlike the 1847 Wisconsin Territorial Census, the federal census of 1860 identified every individual in the town. In addition to name, the census listed dwelling and family numbers (merely a chronological sequence), age, gender, color (if not white), occupation, value of real estate (usually head of household only), place of birth, marriage (if it occurred during the year), school attendance during the year, literacy, and other. Unlike the 1850 census, it also identified the post office district and personal wealth (usually for heads of household). For Metomen, no entries were made in the color and "other" column, and they have been eliminated in the following tables for the sake of space.

The census was conducted between the 2nd and the 14th of June by Albert C. Robbins, a farmer living in the vicinity of Reeds Corners and Metomen. Robbins broke with the general pattern of the 1847 and 1850 censuses in beginning in the northeastern corner of the town and working his way generally counterclockwise through Metomen. The original sequence of entries has been preserved, because the sequence offers clues about where families were living (for an illustration, see the Fairwater 1853 page). Comparison with the federal land sales records and the 1862 plat map can identify the general location of many of the homesteads, and those that do not appear in the land records can often be placed in relation to others by virtue of census sequence. Micro-film of both volumes of the state's records of the census for Fond du Lac County is available at the Historical Society library in Madison (Call No. 1860-485).

Records have been transcribed as written even when the original entries are obviously in error. Question marks have been inserted to indicate uncertainty about the reading of entries

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