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Town of Alto, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin


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Image and text accompanying photo courtesy Twilah DeBoer.

"This picture of the Alto windmill appeared in the family album of 1915 but Uncle Henry made no comments about the old mill. But after the 1980 family reunion, Uncle Frank send me this photo of the mill along with his comments on the back, which read as follows:

"The Dutch windmill at Alto, Wisconsin. I think it stood until about 1900. Located about half a mile south of the village behind the schoolhouse which I attended from 1892 till 1897. Later the large sails were replaced by a steel wheel. It was used as a grist mill and owned by Mr. Zoellner, the only German in the Dutch community. Photo by Henry Bruins."

/signed/ J. F. Bruins

"This is a rare picture and the information provided by Uncle Frank adds very important material to Alto history." EJB

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