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Heman C. Sherwin, Springvale
farmer beginning in 1865;
Master of State Grange
1877-1880 (from History of
Fond du Lac County
, 1880)

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Chester Hazen, pioneer
Springvale dairy farmer
beginning in 1850 and builder
of the first cheese factory in Wisconsin (from Portrait and Biographical Album of Fond
du Lac County, Wisconsin

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Longtime Springvale resident and Civil War veteran, Herman Giffey, pictured during 1916 Memorial
Day celebration in Rosendale.
Click on image for additional information. (Courtesy Neil Giffey)

Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin


Land Patent Records
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1847 Wisconsin Territorial Census:
including Eldorado and north half of Springvale
including south half of Springvale
1860 Census (Partial)
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Civil War Veterans Credited to the Town of Springvale

This town--Township 15 north, or Range 15 east--is purely an agricultural district, being without railroads, villages, water-powers or manufacturing interests. By an act of the Legislature approved March 11, 1848, it was made a separate town, and the first election was held at Abel Willard's house. The name was suggested either by Squire Dana Lamb or Warren Whiting--on account of the numerous vales and springs within its limits. The first land was entered in 1844, on Section 35, by John A. Allen, but the first settler was William Cheeney, who located on Wedge's Prairie, Section 33, in April 1845; very soon after, Chester Hazen located in the town, and was the second settler. Alban Harroun, James Post, W. H. H. Dodd, E. B. Parsons, Rev. Dana Lamb, Squire Dana Lamb and several others are claimed as the first settlers by both Rosendale and Springvale, because, doubtless, the latter for two years formed a part of the former.

The first religious services were held at William Cheeney's house, in November, 1845.

The first post office was Rosendale, Squire Dana Lamb, Postmaster, established in May, 1846, in Rosendale. The first office in Springvale proper was Pulaski, established February 26, 1847, William Cheeney, Postmaster.

The first marriage was Mr. E. Smith to Miss Sallie Warren; second, F. Schofield to Calista C. Bemis; both in November, 1846.

The first birth was H. Sydney, son of John and Melissa Hazen, in September, 1847.

The first religious (M. E.) class was formed June 3, 1846, by Rev. W. G. Miller, at William Cheeney's house, consisting of William Cheeney, leader, Abigail Cheeney, D. S. Cowles, Ann Cowles and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moore.

The first death was Phoebe, wife of John Yates and daughter of Amos Prouty, died March 14, 1848.

The first school was taught by Mrs. H. N. Jewett in a shanty on Section 18.

The first cheese factory was built by Chester Hazen at Ladoga.

Rev. Dana Lamb was the first minister in Springvale. He desired to name the town Aynee, the Indian Name for Rock River, a branch of which rises in this town, but failed to have his views indorsed.

The Methodists erected a church edifice in Section 2, in the town of Waupun, in 1868, which is used largely by members living in Springvale. It cost $1,800. The Trustees were J. M. Hawkins, William Cheeney, W. S. Randall, G. G. Randall, W. M. Stearns.

The Baptist society never built a church in Springvale.

The Universalist society was organized in 1849, but has never erected a church edifice. It was organized by Rev. Joseph Ward, and has twenty members.

The Catholics held their first services in 1847 at J. O. Riley's house, Father Haley, of Watertown, officiating, and for three years thereafter services were continued by different priests at Mr. Riley's residence. In 1858, the church building, costing $1,500, was erected on Section 17, and has been supplied by priests from Fond du Lac, Ripon, or Waupun, since that time.

The Chairmen and Clerks of Springvale have been as follows: 1848, Warren Whiting and Charles D. Beers; 1849, Warren Whiting and A. C. Whiting; 1850, Warren Whiting and A. C. Whiting; 1851, H. I. Ackerman and Charles D. Beers; 1852, A. C. Whiting and James T. Elliott; 1853, A. C. Whiting and Joseph Scribner; 1854, A. C. Whiting and Edward Ensign; 1855, W. B. Disbrow and Edward Ensign; 1856, W. B. Disbrow and Edward Ensign; 1857, Edward Ensign and F. M. Wheeler; 1858, W. B. Disbrow, J. B. Spencer; 1859, W. B. Disbrow and J. B. Spencer; 1860, G. F. Wheeler and Edward Ensign; 1861, Warren Whiting and Edward Ensign; 1862, A. C. Whiting and Edward Ensign; 1863, J. B. Spencer and Edward Ensign; 1864, J. B. Spencer and Edward Ensign; 1865, F. M. Wheeler and Edward Ensign; 1866, F. M. Wheeler and Edward Ensign; 1867, James H. Schofield and C. H. Seymour; 1868, James H. Schofield and C. H. Seymour; 1869, S. Wilkinson and C. H. Seymour; 1870, S. Wilkinson and C. H. Seymour; 1871, S. Wilkinson and G. W. Sizer; 1872, S. Wilkinson and C. H. Seymour; 1873, T. K. Gillett and Frank Bowe; 1874, T. K. Gillett and Frank Bowe; 1875, F. M. Wheeler and Frank Bowe; 1876, T. K. Gillett and Frank Bowe; 1877, A. C. Whiting and Frank Bowe; 1878, F. M. Wheeler and Frank Bowe; 1879, T. K. Gillett and D. E. Whiting.

History of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin,
Western Historical Company, Chicago: 1880

*Like many similar publications of the period, Western's 1880 history relies heavily on interviews with early residents conducted many years later. Narratives were subject to selective, sometimes creative recollection, and the resulting work should be appreciated for the historical publication that it is but viewed with a critical eye as a history. We caution viewers to verify the data contained in these early stories.

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