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Bentley-Braford Clipping Collection

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The Fairwater Register,
published by E. Howe from 1903 to 1905.

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Page from Tracy Reinhardt's Bentley-Braford Clipping Collection. The extensive
collection includes obituaries, weddings, and other personal stories from the pages of Fond
du Lac County's newspapers.
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Following is a partial list of the Newspapers that have been published in Fond du Lac County. Microfilm of many of these papers is available through the State Historical Society of Wisconsin at Madison and through its Regional Centers.


Brandon Times, published 1867-1978
     (See clippings in Brandon and Fairwater scrapbooks)
Campbellsport News, established 1903
     (See clippings in the Auburn Area Scrapbook)
Fairwater Register, published 1903-1905
Fond du Lac Commercial, published 1897-1903
Fond du Lac Commonwealth, published 1856-1920 
     (See 1860 Excerpts)
Fond du Lac, Daily Fond du Lac Press, published 1865-1866
Fond du Lac Democrat, published 1867
Fond du Lac Gazette, published 1886-87
Fond du Lac News, published 1898-1902
Fond du Lac Press [publishing in 1860, no copies exist in the State Historical Society collections]
Fond du Lac Reporter, established 1870
Fond du Lac Whig, published 1846-47
Fond du Lac Zeitung, published 1860-1861
Fountain City, published 1884-1951
Fountain City Daily Herald, published 1854-1856
Fountain City Herald, published 1852-1856
Oakfield Eagle, published 1900-1908
Oakfield Herald, published 1910-1913, 1928-1937
Ripon Advance, published 1894-1896
Ripon Advertiser, published 1863-1864, 1911-1912
Ripon Commonwealth-Press, established 1865
Ripon Herald, published 1853-1855
Ripon Home, published 1855-1857
Ripon Pilot, published 1868
Ripon Post, published 1885-1886
Ripon Representative, published 1866-1867
Ripon Republican, published 1885
Ripon Semi-Weekly Press, published 1905-1908
Ripon Star, published 1857, 1859-1862
Ripon Times, published 1901-1902
Ripon Weekly Press, published 1870-1957
Ripon Weekly Times, published 1858-1863
     (See 1860 Excerpts)
Rosendale Journal, published 1903-1908
Waupun Democrat, published 1900-1923
Waupun Leader News, published 1884-1951
Waupun News, published 1923-1929
Waupun Times, published 1857-1903
     (See 1860 Excerpts)
Waupun Weekly Item, published 1858-1861

Last updated 2/13/2000 This page is part of the ongoing project to document the history of Fond du Lac County. If you have information to share about these publications or are willing to transcribe others, please contact Bob Schuster by email at or at 6020 Kristi Circle, Monona, Wisconsin 53716, (608) 221-1421.