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Sketch of Almon Osborn's
farm in the vicinity of Reeds Corners (from History of
Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin
, 1880)


Town of Metomen, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin


Some of the earliest settlers in the town of Metomen established their farms in the northeastern corner of the township in the area later known as Reeds Corners. As indicated in the 1880 History of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, "the place was once of local importance, and had stores, shops, depot, post office, etc, but in 1873, the post office and depot were removed half a mile south and the station named Metomen. The location of the two churches at Reeds Corners gives it prominence. It receives its name from Warren Reed, deceased, who was actively involved with the locality." Today, the Reeds Corners Bethel Cemetery in section 3 is all that remains to mark the location of the former community.


Ceresco was founded in the town of Ripon in the spring of 1844. The first settlers began arriving in Metomen the same season. Curtis D. Higley filed for 80 acres of federal lands in section 3 in May 1844. Colonel Eben Mansfield "squatted" in Section 19 at about the same time. Daniel Eggleston and family settled in section 20 in June, 1845. Other settlers in 1845 included Jacob Carter (section 20), Almon Osborn (section 2), S. H. French, Robert Jenkinson (section 17), John and Thomas Coats, William Worden (section 7, Alto), Matthew Wilson (section 17), and Adolphus Dart (section 17). (History of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, Western Historical Company, Chicago: 1880)

Reverend W. G. Miller, Methodist, held meetings in section 2, near Reeds Corners. Services were subsequently discontinued. The community was named Reeds Corners after Warren Reed, who was "actively identified with the area." (1880 History)

The town of Metomen was organized on the 7th of April. Among residents in the Reeds Corners area, Almon Osborn was elected as the first chairman, A. C. Robbins was elected as clerk, Robbins was also elected as a school commissioner, and Ira Lee was elected as one of three justices of the peace.(1880 History)

The first public school in the town was established in a private house in section 2, with Lois Walker as the first teacher. (1880 History)

A Wesleyan Church society was organized by Reverend Marcellus Barnum. A schoolhouse was constructed during the year. J. W. Wilsie was the first "pedagogue." (1880 History)

The 1847 Wisconsin territorial census identified the following families as living in the vicinity: William Sallsbury (section 9), Elisha/Elihu Phillips (section 4), Lyman k. Walker (section 4), Samuel Lamb (section 9), Nicholas Loun (section 10), Alonson Stillwell (section 10), J. J. Balsley, Charles Whitman (section 4), George Goodfellow, Samuel W. Marsh (section 14), Peter Wilsey (section 14), Ira Lee (section 10), Andrew Sherwood (section 14), Curtis Higley (section 3), John Hicks (section 11), Albert C. Robbins (section 11), and Benjamin Franklin Washburn (section 2).

The federal census identified the following families as living in the vicinity: Lyman Walker, Jasper Goodfellow (section 9) , Peter Schwartz (section 4), Daniel Green (section 1), Alanson Stilwell, John Balsley, Gerviss (?) Wilsey, Edwin Reynolds (section 11), Giles Edgelston (section 12), Andrew Sherwood (section 3), Curtis Higley, Charles Whitman, Morrison King, John Hicks, Benjamin Washburn, James J. Depue, David Walworth (section 12?), Sylvester Sargent (section 13), Thomas Colcord (section 14), Peter Wilsey (section 14), Samuel Marsh, and James Bugby. All of the local residents listed their occupations as farmer or laborer.

A post office was established at Reeds Corners. Giles Eggleston was appointed post master. (1880 History)

The first railroad in the town of Metomen was established, running through Reeds Corners between Brandon and Ripon. An early history of the county (1880 History)
, describes the event:

The efforts of this township and others in this locality were successful in securing railroad connections, and the Milwaukee & Horicon Railroad was built through this township in 1856. It passes northwesterly, from Section 36 to Section 3, in its course through Metomen. The road is now owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company. It was built by a construction company, who did not meet all their obligations, which caused some difficulties. Near Reeds Corners, the tracklayers were forcibly prevented from putting down the rails, by the unpaid workmen who had graded the road-bed. Civil and military aid was invoked and the rails were laid amid much excitement. The scene of the encounter is still known as the "battle ground." During the building of the railroad much freight had accumulated at Waupun, and some was sent over the line before the regular running of trains.

Way-bill No. 1 and first freight receipt were dated Tuesday, October 14, 1856. The goods were consigned to G. Perkins & Co., who were merchants, then located in the Walker House. The senior member of that firm is now County Judge of Fond du Lac County. Regular freight trains did not run until the 19th of October, 1856. The first regular passenger train which left Milwaukee for Brandon, and returned on schedule time, came into Brandon with flying colors about noon on Saturday, October 18, 1856. The event was an occasion of special rejoicing; Charles Larrabee, of Horicon, was the leading orator of the day; a public dinner and free drinks made it a memorable day. H. W. Gregory was the first station agent at Brandon. The express and railroad agent at the present time is W. S. Randall.

The Wesleyan church building was constructed. (1880 History)

Meetings of the Methodist society were revived by Reverend S. S. Lang, who organized a class, and appointed S. T. Wilsie as Class Leader. (1880 History)

State records credit numerous enlistments to Metomen, just as they do for Fairwater and Brandon. It is not clear from the records whether this refers to the community of Metomen or the township in general. The 1880 History lists the veterans credited to the town of Metomen (pp. 548-49), and many of the men identified in the state records as having enlisted in Metomen are not found on that list, suggesting that many may have enlisted from the neighboring towns. The following lists include all of the records identifying Metomen enlistees, regardless of residence.

During the first year of the war, two men enlisted in Metomen:

Name Unit & Company Enlisted Personal Information End of Service
Daniel S. Cross 4th Wi Cav, B 4/27/61 Metomen carpenter, age 38 Discharged disability, 8/30/62
Joseph Pasko 2nd Wi Cav, A 10/22/61   Discharged disease, 8/7/62

During the second year of the war, twenty-nine men enlisted in Metomen:

Name Unit & Company Enlisted Personal Information End of Service
Sylvester Fay 3rd Wi Inf, I 2/2/62   Died 7/1/1864 Nashville of wounds
Darius Bugby 32nd Wi Inf , B 7/30/62 Metomen laborer, age 20 Discharged 5/31/65
Thomas M. Colcord 32nd Wi Inf , B 7/30/62 Metomen, age 19 Discharged disability, 3/26/63
Canfield Marsh 32nd Wi Inf , B 7/30/62 Metomen, age 17 Discharged 6/12/65
Charles L. Marsh 32nd Wi Inf , B 7/30/62   Absent, sick at mustering out of regiment
Eddy K. Pasco 32nd Wi Inf , B 7/30/62 Metomen, age 19 Discharged 6/12/65
Adelbert M. Bly 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/5/62 Metomen teacher, age 24 Discharged 6/12/65
Stephen D. Johnson 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/5/62   Died of disease 1/22/1864 at LaFayette, Tenn
Henry Rand 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/5/62 Read?, Metomen, age 34 Discharged 6/12/65
Thomas Orsmond 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/6/62   Died of disease, Memphis, 4/22/63
Joseph W. Osborn 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/6/62 Metomen Deserted 1/1/63
William Sanders 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/6/62   Discharged disability, 8/2/64
John H. Brown 32nd Wi Inf , A 8/7/62   Discharged 6/12/65
John Bruce 32nd Wi Inf , A 8/7/62 Farm laborer, age 21 Discharged 6/12/65
William Grapp 32nd Wi Inf , A 8/12/62   Died disease 11/23/1864, Gordon Junction, Geo.
Charles Manweller 32nd Wi Inf , A 8/12/62   Wounded Rivers Bridge S.C., discharged 6/12/65
Luke Williams 32nd Wi Inf , A 8/12/62   Discharged 6/12/65
David Brown 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/15/62   Discharged 6/12/65
Elliott B. Loomis 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/15/62   Deserted 1/1/63
Frank Munn 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/15/62 Reeds Corners, age 22 Discharged 6/12/65
Wilhelm Pooch 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/15/62   Discharged 6/12/65
Sylvester P. Shufelt 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/15/62   Discharged 6/24/65
Louis Behnken 32nd Wi Inf , A 8/20/62   Deserted 3/25/64
George Bugby 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/20/62   Discharged 6/12/65
Christoph Fendry 32nd Wi Inf , A 8/20/62   Discharged 6/12/65
Joseph Sumner 32nd Wi Inf , B 8/21/62   Died of disease, LaGrange, Tenn, 1/24/63
Julius D. Woodin 32nd Wi Inf , B. 8/21/62 Town of Alto Discharged 7/3/65
George Patton 32nd Wi Inf , B 9/9/62   Dismissed for desertion, 3/1/63
Friedrich Stelter 34th Wi Inf, A 11/15/62   Discharged 9/8/63

During the third year of the war, three men enlisted in Metomen:

Name Unit & Company Enlisted Personal Information End of Service
John Al Pooch Ist Wi Cav, D 9/20/63 John Pock? Drafted, discharged 7/19/65
George F. Davlin 1st Wi Cav, D 11/11/63   Discharged 5/12/65
Aug C. Ludwig 1st Wi Cav, I 11/17/63   Discharged 7/19/65

During the fourth year of the war, twenty-four men enlisted in Metomen:

Name Unit & Company Enlisted Personal Information End of Service
William Reiser 23rd Wi Inf, A 1/3/64   Veteran
Erastus T. Darrow 3rd Wi Inf, D 1/28/64 Springvale Veteran, discharged 2/18/65
Lewis James 3rd Wi Inf, B 1/28/64   Wounded Atlanta; absent at muster out
Garrett Butler 3rd Wi Inf, I 1/30/64   Wounded; absent at muster out
Duncan E. Howard 3rd Wi Inf, D 2/3/64   Discharged 7/18/65
John BW McMullen 3rd Wi Inf, D 2/4/64   Dischareged disability, 11/28/64
Samuel W. Converse 3rd Wi Inf, D 2/5/64   Wounded 5/25/1864
Bejamin F. Wood 3rd Wi Inf, F 2/15/64   Wounded 8/17/1864
Charles V. Clark   2/25/64   Band/musician, discharged 7/2/64
Robert E. Flood   2/25/64   Band/musician, discharged 11/6/66
N.E. Erickson/sen 15th Wi Inf, G 2/26/64   Discharged 6/10/65
James K. Harps 40 Inf, E 5/18/64   Discharged 11/1/65
David M. Lingenfelter 3rd Wi Cav, K 8/24/64 Town of Alto, age 20 Discharged 6/19/65
Russell B. Shannon 3rd Wi Inf, G 8/26/64 Metomen, age 18 Discharged 6/9/65
August Long 5th Wi Inf, H 8/29/64   Wounded Petersburg; discharged 6/7/65
Benjamin F. Merrill 16th Wi Inf, D 8/31/64   Discharged 1/21/65
Joel Robinson 16th Wi Inf, D 8/31/64   Discharged 6/2/65
George W. Sparks 16th Wi Inf, D 8/31/64   Died disease,12/26/64, Beaufort S.C.
Jovin Battice Unknown 9/1/64   Colored (no information)
Hiram A. Chapin 4th Wi Cav, K 9/2/64   Discharged 6/20/65
Bill William   9/2/64   Colored (no information)
John McKinney, Jr. 2nd Wi Cav, A 9/3/64   Discharged 6/12/65
Jirah P. Odekirk 43rd Wi Inf, F 9/3/64   Died disease, Clarksville, Tenn, 2/26/65
William Rife 16th Wi Inf, D 9/16/64   Discharged 6/2/65

During the last year of the war, ten men enlisted in Metomen:

Name Unit & Company Enlisted Personal Information End of Service
John Hunting 21st Wi Inf, F 1/25/65   Died disease, 3/8/65, Blairs Landing S. C.
Charles Phillips 27th Wi Inf, F 1/26/65 Metomen mill wright, age 37 Discharged 8/25/65
Anson M. Kibbee 27th Wi Inf, B 1/30/65   Discharged 7/3/65
Leveritt G. Bishop 5th Wi Inf, B 1/31/65   Discharged 6/28/65
John Fox 45th Wi Inf, Unk 2/1/65    
Robert Graham 45th Wi Inf, Unk 2/1/65    
William DeMaster   2/4/65   Discharged 5/29/65
John H. Lammers 45th Wi Inf, D 2/4/65   Discharged 5/13/65
William N. Barton 49th Wi Inf, C 2/11/65   Discharged 11/1/65
Andrew S. Polley 52th Wi Inf, B 3/7/65   Discharged 7/28/65

The final year of the war also saw a merger of two local church societies, as the 1880 History describes:

[The Wesleyan church society was merged] into the Congregational society on the 21st of May, 1865, and Reverend S. Bristol was their first Pastor. The church property was deeded by the Trustees of the former Wesleyan society to the new organization, which is named the "Second Congregational Church of Metomen," and is located at Reeds Corners.

The Methodist church building was constructed during the year under the pastorate of Reverend A. R. Reed. (1880 History)

The railroad station and post office were moved during the year, as the 1880 History describes:

The place [Reeds Corners] was once of local importance, and had stores, shops, depot, post office, etc., but in 1873, the post office and depot were removed half a mile south and the sation named Metomen.

The post office was in the charge of Mrs. E. Reynolds. Trustees of the Methodist Church were S. T. Wilsie, N. VanCamp, J. B. Russell, N. A. Miller, and T. Hutchinson. Reverend Jesse Cole served as pastor. Membership totaled thirty. Deacons of the Congregational Church included M. Barnum, L. Stillwell, and G. C. Goodfellow. The Clerk was H. E. Stillwell; pastor, Reverend Herman Safford. Membership was thirty-two. (1880 History)

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