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Contributor: Winton and Cirena Lenz, Frances Stelter, Florian Laper
Source: Personal Collections


Washington Street, "Bill Town"

Looking east down Washington Street in Bill Town, ca. 1910. Prominent to the left are William Daehn's Opera House (clearly marked as 1898) and beyond it Daehn's tavern.  (from a postcard, courtesy Winton and Cirena Lenz)

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The photo above shows a view of Washington Street about one block to the east of the top photo and taken at about the same time. Prominent center-left in the photo is the store later known as Sheid's. (from a post card postmarked 1912, courtesy Richard Damerau)

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A 1920's postcard view of the Daehn block of Washington Street looking east. Notice the addition of the power poles along the street. There is also a distinct lawn terrace between the street and the buildings, making possible the addition of driveway inclines. (post card courtesy Florian Laper)