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Contributor: Bob Schuster
Source: Personal Collection, 1960 Fairwater Grade School Yearbook, Memories


Fairwater Public School Students & Parents, 1959-60

The undefeated 1959-1960 basketball team. The photo caption taken from an unidentified newspaper clipping read:

Undefeated in 10 games, the Fairwater grade school basketball team will seek further honors in a four-team tournement at the Fairwater Civic Center Friday at 7 p.m. when it will open the meet against Green Lake. Members of the Fairwater team are: first row, Danny Statz (left), Daryl Zacharias, Dennis Statz; second row, Stephen Deilke, Pat Laper, Dennis Schouten, Bob Schmuhl; third row, Ray Ries, coach; Bruce Klawitter, Bruce Weinkauf, Tom Humbright, and assistant coach, Frank "Butch" Warren.

Fifth grader, Dennis Beier, supervises George Sanders during the construction of the new classroom addition.


Students perform a television skit during the annual talent night. Identifiable in the front row of the top picture are Patrice Schuster, Judy Kuehn, Duane Zabel, Jerry Uecker, Darryl Navis, Yvonne Stellmacher, and Elaine Leatherberry.


Parents and teachers at a PTA meeting, 1960.