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Contributor: Cirena Lenz
Source: Unidentified News Clipping


Fairwater Public School, 1913

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The story accompanying this photograph reads:

Old Photo Pictures Fair WaterPupils of 1913
     Teachers in the Fair Water State Graded School in the fall of 1913 are shown in this picture in the middle of the back row in front of the door. They were Miss Helen Jahns, a Fair Water native, Miss Wolcott, Herbert Martin.
     Although school records could not be found for grades 5 and 6 in that year, pupils listed included:
     Grades 7 and [to] 10--Emma Jahns (in the plaid mackinaw which she still has, she informs the editor), Glenn and Clayton Tinkham, Arthur Kunert, Elda Daehn, Anita Marotzke, Pearl and Inez Mielke, Bertha Schmeck, Ellamae Van Doren, Lora Cardiff, Edna and Rachel Kuehn, Laura Riemer, Arthur Stelter, Clarice Kussman, Marjorie Baker, Herbert Zellmer, Viola and Earl Frei.
     Grade 1 -- Iva Mielke, Mattie Schmuhl, Raymond Theune, Ellen Frei, Alfred Korth, Wava Blank, Irma Baker, Helen Reimer, Francis Kuehn, Ruth Kroon.
     Grade 2 -- Edwin Theune, Winifred and Dorothy Layton, Elizabeth Preu, Mollie Loechelt, Wilmer Kuehn, Harry and Howard Daane, Harry Hins, Fred Falbe.
     Grade 3 -- Marguerite Fenska [sic], Mata Kussman, Henry and Eddit Loechelt, Florence McCune, Harold Theune, Evelyn Riemer, Edward Cardiff, Geraldine Field, Herbert Schmuhl, Opal Riant, Muriel Baker.
     Grade [4] -- Ruth Kuehn, Bernice Spaulding, Ruby Arndt, Owen Riant, Albert Riemer.

Anyone who can provied the missing names for grades 5 and 6 is encouraged to contact Bob Schuster at rmschust@facstaff.wisc.edu, or at 6020 Kristi Circle, Monona, WI 53716