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Contributor: Arlene Erdman
Source: Personal Collection


"Fairwater's Mill Pond," 1913
Postcard courtesy Arlene Erdman

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This 1913 postcard pictures a "Scene near Fairwater, Wis." No record exists of a resort on this scale in the village, but the picture does not suggest the "joke" cards that were popular at the turn of the century, as typified by those showing street cars running down Washington Street in Fairwater and Main Street in Markesan. This one instead apparently takes liberties in claiming to be a Fairwater postcard and pictures what could be a Green Lake resort ten miles distant from the village.

The postcard itself was addressed to Master Elsworth van Buren, Fairwater, in care of John van Buren. Presumably mailed from the Fairwater area, it suggests that the writer, missing a day of school, was given an assignment to write a letter to his cousin.

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Dated April 23, 1913, the card reads, "Dear Elsworth I did not go to school today but tomorrow I am going again momma and aunt mary are going to clean the pantry today and finish the sitting room i got some nice collars to take to school i hope you are having a good time Your Cousin Ellison."