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Contributor: Cirena Lenz
Fond du Lac County Plat Book


1910 Village Plat Map
From 1910 Plat Book of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

Superficially, the village's 1910 plat map closely resembles the map published 17 years earlier in 1893. Two significant changes are evident, however. The first is the extension of Church Street to the western end of the mill pond. The second is the addition of  "North Fairwater," a cluster of 45 lots in 7 blocks. Several other changes are also significant. The 1910 map reflects the construction of a new school building on the site of the former Amend Brothers Creamery, the addition of the hotel block and the bank in downtown Jim Town, the transfer of the mill and dam properties from Gottlieb Stelter to John Laper (the date on the deed is actually 1892, apparently too late to have been recorded on the 1893 map), the disappearance of the flour mill (destroyed by fire sometime after its purchase by Laper), and the addition of the Pischke creamery at the west end of Church Street and the Jim Town creamery on Main Street next to the river. Note, too, that Elm Street has apparently been added west of the depot to service blocks 6 and 7.