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Contributor: Bob Schuster
Wisconsin State Historical Society library micro-film P72-1172


1893 Village Plat Map
From C. M. Foote and J. W. Henion, Plat Book of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, Minneapolis: C. M. Foote & Co., 1893 (Wisconsin State Historical Society library micro-film P72-1172)

With the 1893 plat map, the village has begun to resemble its contemporary look considerably  more than was suggested in the 1874 map. The most significant change is the arrival of the railroad north of the millpond. Although this map indicates that little of the commercial development or residential construction stimulated by the railroad north of Church Street has begun, within half a decade the area along the highway between the river and the railroad would become Jim Town, the new commerical district in the village.