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Contributor: Francis Stelter, Winton and Cirena Lenz
Source: Personal Collections


Main Street Hill

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(photo courtesy of Frances Stelter)

One of the dramatic features of the village is the steep Main Street hill between Church Street and the river. The photo above pictures the east side of the street looking south, up the hill. The trees at the horizon in this undated photo mark the lot on which the Free-Will Baptist Church stood until 1903, after which it was replaced by the doctors' house, shown below:

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(photo courtesy of Winton and Cirena Lenz)

The next photograph from a postcard postmarked 1911 looks down the hill from Church Street. The elevator adjacent to the railroad tracks is visible at the back. Because electricity did not come to the village until 1912, the poles seen in the photo may have been those of the Alto Telephone Company, established in 1903. Of particular interest in dating the photo are the buildings on the right. The home just beyond the river on the right was constructed by C. S. Griffith in 1905 (information courtesy of Florian Laper, resident in the home beginning in 1945).

(photo courtesy of Winton and Cirena Lenz)

The original creamery in Jim Town (see close-up below, white building on far right) is believed to have begun operation in 1910, although a story in the Markesan Herald about the construction of the new creamery building in June 1922 suggests that the building was constructed and may have been operating as a creamery as early as the 1880's.


The  close-up also pictures the footbridge over the Grand River and the board fences lining the upper banks of the river.