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The Fairwater Register.
Village of Fairwater, Wisconsin


July 3, 1903 (Vol. 1, No. 11)

The eleventh issue of The Fairwater Register continued the general format established with the May 15 issue. The Fairwater "Observations" and "Conundrums" banners appeared on the first page. "Ripon" and "Eldorado" news continued to be offered on the last page.

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The Old Settlers picnic at the lake Saturday proved a most enjoyable success. The the [sic] crowd was not as large as at some of the former gatherings, there were enough to make it very interesting and profitable. All speak in glowing terms of the affair. (page 1)

C. C. Cease has closed his hotel. (page 1)

Waupun held a special election last Thursday and hereafter the city will have six wards instead of two. Two of the wards are in Fond du Lac county which gives Waupun two suoervisors on the county board instead of one. It is reported that Ripon will move in this matter soon and have more wards and thus more members of the board. (page 1)

The Little Wolf telephone lines have been absorbed by the Wisconsin Telephone Co. (page 4)

Forewarned is Forearmed. The great Adam Forepaugh and Sells Brothers United Shows will not visit Ripon until in August. A so-called "Forepaugh"concern, which is advertised to show here soon, is not the great Adam Forepaugh show show and is in no way connected with it, either directly or indirectly. This announcement is made to correct any erroneous impression which may be caused by a similarity of title. The only Adam Forepaugh show is now consolidated with Sells Brothers big show of the world, and both these shows will exhibit jointly for one price of admission in Ripon not before August. These great shows are known to be the largest and most meritorious in the world. Conducted on high class principles and no games of chance or fakirs allowed. It travels on its own sixty double length palace cars, bringing to the west the same stupendous exhibition which has amazed the people of the eastern states and entire country. It is the only big first-class exhibition that will visit Ripon this year and it comes in August next and not before. The wise will wait.--James A. Bailey, W. W. Cole, Lewis Sells, Peter Sells, Equal owners the great Adam Forepaugh and Sells Brothers United shows. (page 4)

The annual Teachers Institute for Fond du Lac County will be held at the High School in the city of Fond du Lac beginning July 6, and continuing for five days. Every teacher who expects to teach in Fond du Lac county the coming year is expected to attend this Institute. The term is only five days and unless you are present promptly the first morning you cannot expect to derive the full benefit of the work. Those who are not absent or tary during this term may have some standings refiled at the following examination. Unless you come up to this requirement, do not ask for this privilege. The course of study will include the following: Arithmetic, Reading, Geography, Agriculture, Use of Library Books, and American Literature. Some of the work with Library books may be done before coming to the Institute. Select some book now in the school library that you consider well adapted to use in the public schools and read and be ready to report on the same during the Institute. Bring the book with you if possible. Those who do not do this will be required to read a book furnished them at the Institute. Bring text books on any of the above subjects that you may have. Bring your manuals with you, as this subject will be taught in connection with each branch.--Yours very truly, Alfred B. Adamson, County Superintendent. (page 4)


Read the new ads of our enterprising business men. They are interesting. (page 4)

Chas. Luhm, who slept on the floor of a building which stood on the ground now occupied by his present hotel, forty-eight years ago, retired from business July 1st. Mr. Luhm entered into business at his present place twenty-three years ago and has accumulated enough of this world's goods to supply all future needs without labor. He now offers his hotel stand for sale or rent. Charley says that he has helped bury fifteen men in the same business as himself during his twenty-three years active service as proprietor of Luhm's hotel and bar. That he will soon celebrate his 60th birthday and it is time for him to retire and give some younger man a chance to accumulate a supply of wealth for future needs. Charley has built a $200 boat house on the south shores of Green Lake and is now after a gasoline launch that suits his taste. He will also erect a modern cottage and new barn on his lots on the lake at once, and expects to spend his remaining days at the lake and in Ripon. He claims this vicinity is good enough for him and shall die here where he is better known than anywhere else in the world. Like all other men, he has had his "ups" and "downs", has made many friends; also no doubt, has to his credit a full quota of enemies, as all men are wont to have whether merited or otherwise. During his forty-eight years residence here he has no doubt waded through mountains of trouble, done his share of hard work, and now, as he passes down the incline of life, all wish him peace, joy and happiness.--Ripon Press. (page 4)


Mrs. Loyal Porter and children of West Rosendale are visiting at the home of her mother's Mrs. Ellen Brenson.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Duel were Fond du Lac visitors Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Abbs returned Friday from Florence Wis. where they spend the week with Mr. and Mrs. Otterson.
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Hielman and daughter left this morning for Fond du Lac, where they will visit a few days, before leaving for their home in Minnesota.
Mrs. H. W. Boettcher and daughter of Jefferson are visiting in this vicinity this week.
Mrs. C. Knapp spent Monday in Fond du Lac.


Mr. Johnson was at Big Green Saturday.
Clyde Cease was at Big Green Wednesday.
Mrs. Cease was a Ripon visitor Wednesday.
Julius Block was a Dartford visitor Tuesday.
Tmorrow is the great celebration at Brandon.
Mrs. E. Roder is visiting at Sheboygan Falls.
Charlie McDonald is laid up with a lame foot.
John Masolnek went to Brandon Wednesday.
Harry Deahn is suffering from a sprained arm.
C. C. Cease is selling lots of Ocean Wave washers.
Mr. and Mrs. Grifith [?] were Oshkosh visitors Sunday.
C. P. Tinkham returned from Green Lake Wednesday.
Mrs. Hotty, of Berlin, is visiting at the home of W. Lyon.
Bert Brown of Brandon, passed thru our village Wednesday.
George Baker had his hand injured in a ball game recently.
Mrs. Sarah Lyon, of Plainfield, is the guest of Mrs. W. Lyon.
Carl Layton, of Chicago, is visiting at the home of Dr. Layton.
Mr. and Mrs. Carodif [?] are going to live with their son at Marinette.
Herman Butz was in Milwaukee Monday and Tuesday on business.
Willie Lyons and Roy Wikkerink have a collection of 219 sparrow eggs.
Choice cigars, fireworks, fruits and confectionary for the Fourth at Wikkerink's.
Charles Eonis [?] and his sister, of Raleigington, are visiting at Mr. Dowes.
Miss Mae Wikkerink returned Thursday from an extended visit at Fond du Lac.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Bonesteel left Thursday for their summer home at Camp Cleghorn.
A number of people from here attended the Old Settler's picnic at Spring Grove Saturday.
Mrs. True's three sisters who have been visiting her, returned to their respective homes Wednesday.
The Fairwater and Prairie Tiger base ball teams will cross bats here tomorrow. Everybody attend.
Our Sunday School picnic held at Green Lake last week proved to be a success. The reports were good.
Mrs. C. W. Tinkham will give a missionary tea at her home Thursday afternoon. All are cordially invited.
Walter Hunter had a very painful accident here Tuesday, having split the bone of his ankle in two pieces.
B. J. Wikkerink has just received a full line of children's and ladies' hosiery. Must be seen to be appreciated.
Dr. Granbredt, the Brandon dentist, is so well known to Fairwater people that he needs no further introduction. Reference, Dr. O. M. Layton.
Albert Bonesteel raised his large barn Wednesday morning. A well cooked dinner, served on the lawn after the work was completed, was appreciated by the workmen.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Tinkham and family, Mrs. Loper and Mrs. Erttle Sheldon of Ripon, and Misses Edith Tinkham and Myrtha [?] Batson of Marshfield, are occupying the Churchyeard cottage at Green Lake.
Dr. H. Franbredt [see other spelling above], Brandon's progressive dentist, has opened a branch office in Markesan and can be seen there every Tuesday and Wednesday. The balance of the week he is in his Brandon office. Fairwater people will now find it convenient to reach him at either place by going on the train.




R. F. Morenus has opened a piano store at Fond du Lac.
Frank Jones of near Brandon had business in the city Monday.
L. Pynch and family moved into their new home on Main street Saturday.
Dr. E. H. Merrell preached in the Congregational church at Dartford Sunday morning.
Arthur Wilson of Berlin has purchased a 5-horse power automobile called the Rambler, made at Kenosha.
A marriage license has been granted to Robert Fought and Lottie Drarhelm, also to Wm. Stollfus and Mabel Kerr, all of Ripon.
Jas. Reagan, former captain of Co. D., has been visiting his many Ripon friends the past week. He is now located at Rochester, Minn.
John Boettcher and wife have moved to Oshkosh where they will reside in the future. Charles Boettcher took possession of the Ripon Hotel July 1.
Dr. Bruno Schallern has placed a new electric light in front of his residence, which shines for all and is welcomed by passers by on a dark and stormy night.
D. Witt, of the firm of Kussman & Witt, attended the embalming school at Oshkosh last week, returning home Saturday. He is now ready for business in that line.
A party passed through the city Saturday with four nice ponies in charge. He told us that he left Green Bay some time ago with 23 and had sold all but the four.
Fred Preston and E. J. Burnside attended the annual meeting of the Wisconsin whist congress at Waukesha las Friday and Saturday. They took a hand in four games and won the buttons in one of them, thus honoring themselves and the city they represented. There were players present from all over the world.
Many from this city will celebrate the Fourth at Princeton.
Earl Byron of Oshkosh is visiting in this city.
Mrs. C. C. Cease of Fairwater was in the city Wednesday.
Dan Fenelon left today for Marinette with his string of horses.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Cooley, Sunday morning, a daughter.
Mrs. Alice Bonnell is visiting in Milwaukee, the guest of Mrs. B. H. Ward.
Miss Floy Davis leaves this week for a visit with her brother, who resides in Mexico.
Edward Wilde, violinist, has opened an office over Deming's grocery store and is now ready to take scholars.
Dr. Geo. H. Bush leaves Saturday for a trip through the eastern states. He expects to be absent two or three weeks.
Mrs. C. A. Wood and daughters, and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Webb attended the funeral of Guy Walker at Markesan Wednesday.
W. H. Root has installed an electric fan in the bowling alley room, which is greatly appreciated by the bowlers these hot evenings.
For Sale Cheap--A good, gentle riding and driving pony. Weight about 650 pounds. Inquire at Prout's livery or address owner, M. D. Austin, P. O. Box 781, Ripon, Wis.
Mr. and Mrs. John Boettcher left for Oshkosh yesterday, their new home. Their address, at present, is 391 Pearl street. [repeats item above]
Mesdames Jennie Walker and C. A. Wood drove to Markesan Saturday, called there by the serious illness of Mrs. Walker's son, Guy.
Andrew Hill will conduct the saloon run by C. H. Ogden the past few years. Mr. Ogden is looking for a location elsewhere.
The Evangelical Sunday-school will hold their annual picnic on the 4th of July at Spring Grove, Green Lake. The buss will leave at 8:30 a. m. All are cordially invited to join.
Mrs. E. Simmonds of Oshkosh is spending the week at Will Simmons.
Albert Koehler, a clerk in the First National bank, is quite sick with hemorrage of the lungs.
J. W. Bailey arrived home Tuesday evening from an eight months trip all through the west and south as far as the Pacific coast. He will remain here the coming year.
Rev. B. F. Sanford will deliver the Fourth of July address at Brandon.






What letter should a fond husband say to a stranger about to kill his wife? Letter B.
Why is a hen like the sun? Because she sets.
When a cat drinks rum what may you look out for? A rumpus.
What plant is fatal to mice? Catnip.
When is a man most in danger of being beaten? When he belongs to a club.
Spell brandy with three letter. [sic] Br and y.--St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
We haven't all had the good fortune to be ladies; we have not all been generals, or poets or statesmen; but when the toast works down to the babies, we stand on common ground, for we've all been babies. -- Samuel M. [sic] Clemens (Mark Twain)

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