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The Fairwater Register.
Village of Fairwater, Wisconsin


June 19, 1903 (Vol. 1, No. 9)

The ninth issue of The Fairwater Register continued the general format established with the May 15 issue. The "Ripon" banner and the Fairwater "Observations" appeared on the first page. Other news was offered on the last page.

[Transcription of this issue is in progress. Text to this point only includes the front page of the issue.]

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One of the masons working on the foundation walls of A. Bonesteel's new barn accidentally fell from the wall several feet high striking in the mortar box. Two heavy stones fell on him and he was badly hurt. (page 1)

The Alto Telephone Co. have the poles set for their line and the line will be in operation soon. (page 1)

A good sized frost made its appearance noticeable here Friday morning. Vegetation in many places was badly nipped. (page 1)

The report of the Grand Master, I. O. O. F. , as given at Eau Claire on the occasion of the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge, shows that the order of the Odd Fellows has 323 lodges in this state with a membership of 16,528. The Rebekahs have 192 lodges and 9285 members. (page 1)


Are we going to have an old settler's picnic this year? (page 1)

The Brandon kids baseball team was going to play our team last Saturday afternoon but they said their catcher was gone so they couldn't play. Very good excuse, Brandon, but we think you are afraid of our team. Ripon will probably come down today. (page 1)



C. O. Tinkham was a Waupun visitor this week.
A. Masolnek and son were Brandon visitors Tuesday.
Tinkham Bros. shipped a car load of wool this week.
The Fairwater road is very dusty, in fact, all other roads.
The roofs of several business places were tarred this week.
Buy your screen doors, window screens and fly killers at Cease.
Our creamery shipped a ton of butter to Milwaukee Tuesday.
A. W. Bonesteel is drawing lumber for his big barn on his farm.
Farmers report a good many pieces of corn badly injured by frost.
C. C. Cease will close his hotel July 1st on account of scarcity of help.
The bank foundation is up and the men are waiting for the coarsing stone.
Del Perrine of Medford Prairie was in the village Tuesday with grain.
Wm. Meager has nearly completed the addition to Lewis Kenyon's barn.
Miss Mary O'Hara of Brandon is spending a few days at Mrs. Chas. Sherwood's.
Mr. Falbe finished painting his house Tuesday. Herman Damroch done the work (sic).
Orlander Kibbe is reshingling his house. Art Wikkerink is doing a good job.
Henry Plagen has begun work on his barn in the village and will also build a fine new house.
Do you need anything in the line of building material. Tinkham Bros. can supply your needs at all times.
Frank Mielke was in town Monday evening. He is building a house fro his brother Fred, who lives south of Utley.
The Children's Day exercises at the Free Baptist church were well attended and an interesting program was given.
Be sure and get the genuine Lindsay Plymouth twine, instead of that claimed to be "just as good" as the Plymouth. Tinkham Bros.
Leander Sheldon is treating his house to a new coat of paint. His is an excellent home with all modern improvements. He is using Lowe Bros. paint, bought of Cease.
Ed Carter was in town Tuesday on business.
Dr. Eckert of Markesan made us a business call Monday.
F. G. Miller of Green Lake was seen on our streets Tuesday.
A. Steneke of Brandon is building a barn for Elmer Starbird.
Miss Mae Wikkerink is visiting relatives at Fond du Lac for a few days.
Fred Miehke was in town Tuesday after building materials. He is building a barn on his farm.
Mrs. Gertrude McCune, the Misses Miller and Bessie Cease and others are spending the week at the lake.
Mrs. Wm. Lindsay of Milwaukee spent Tuesday and Wednesday with her niece, Mrs. C. P. Tinkham, and her brother, Josiah Batson.
Clyde Cease and Joe Wikkerink, two well-known young men of our booming village, captured five young crows at the woods east of their homes about three weeks ago. To their dismay two of them died but they are taming the other three.
Tinkham Bros. got in another car load of machinery, buggies, wagons, etc., the first of the week. They can fit you out in anything you may want in surries, top buggies, road wagons, also all kinds of farm machinery. They are also headquarters for Plymouth binder twine of the different grades, and their prices are in line. Come and see.




The Ripon orchestra played for a dancing party at Markesan last Friday evening. The Ripon orchestra is a good one and are giving excellent satisfaction wherever they go.
D. B. Simondsreceived a telegram Tuesday afternoon stating that his brother, A. J. Simonds of Grand Gorge, N. Y., was seriously ill and not expected to live. Mr. Simonds left on the morning train Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Cottrill, formerly of this city, now of Berlin, celebrated the 23rd anniversary of their marriage Friday, June 12.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Thomas and family of Marinette, are the guests of his brother, David Thomas and family.
Miss Helen Howe, who is attending the state university at Madison, is home for the summer vacation.
Miss Mae Herrick, U. W. 'o6, arrived home Friday night to spend the summer vacation in this city.
Mrs. Van Armstrong and son, and Ada Hawkes are visiting at Plymouth this week.
Miss Therese /waters, of Fond du Lac, attended the commencement exercises here Thursday.
Mrs. Bloem [?] who has been visiting at Henry Danielson's, left for her home at Ackerville Monday.
Mrs. Ida Phelps went to Chicago Monday.
Geo. C. Duttle [?] visited at Minneapolis this week.
Whooping cough is quite prevalent in this city.
Dave Thomas was a Fond du Lac visitor Monday.
Attorney A. E. Dunlap had business at Fond du Lac Monday.
It is the custom of Ripon College to give a four year scholarship to that institution to the student in the high school having the highest average during his entire high school course. This year the honor was awarded to Miss Lois Foote.
Master Lawrence Duffy, of Fond du Lac, is visiting his cousin, Master Tommy Murtha.
Mr. W. H. Barber, of the high school teaching force, left Wednesday for his home in Black Earth.
Mrs. T. B. Catlin and her daughter Florence, of Chicago, are visiting at the home of H. L. Barnes.
Miss Lulu Dysart, who has been teaching in Waupun, arrived home Monday evening for the summer.
Alton Stearner is very sick with appendicitis.




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