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The Fairwater Register.
Village of Fairwater, Wisconsin


June 12, 1903 (Vol. 1, No. 8)

The eighth issue of The Fairwater Register continued the general format established with the May 15 issue. The "Rosendale" banner and the Fairwater "Observations" appeared on the first page. "Ripon," "Eldorado," and "West Rosendale" news continued to be offered on the last page.

Perhaps the highlight of the issue, appearing in the "Ripon" section, is the Mark Twain-like piece on the McLaughlin boys and their trained mule. A middle sentence runs on for 24 lines in the original.

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The coarsing stone for the bank building has not arrived. There seems to be a scarcity of this kind of building material. (Page 1)

A $12,000 commons building to be erected by the alumni of Ripon college to be used as a dining hall by the students and for large banquets, is so far planned that an Oshkosh architect has prepared designs, and, while the structure may not be built this year, it will be pushed for early consideration. It is also believed that President Hughes is ready with something new in the building line, and that a surprise awaits the undergraduates and alumni at commencement time. (Page 1)

The 1903 program for the Camp Cleghorn Assembly which is held each year on the famous Chain O'Lakes near Waupaca, Wis., has been completed. The dates are August 7th to 24th inclusive. The Grand Lodge of Good Templars of Wisconsin holds its annual session in connection with the Assembly opening Aug. 8 August 12th is special G. a. R. day and Aug. 21st is Prohibition alliance day. Among the speakers are Hon. J. V. Quarles, Wisconsin's junior senator, Congressman J. H. Davidson, Dr. D. H. Mann of Brooklyn, N. Y., Dr. M. C. B. Mason, the noted colored orator of Ohio, Mrs. Florence D. Richards, W. C. T. U. lecturer; Amos Parker Wilder of the Madison State Journal, J. H. Nicolson, National sec'y of the Gideons, Prof. O. W. Blain, the stereoptican entertainer of Grand Rapids, Mich., and many other notable orators and entertainers. Reduced rates have been granted on all railroads on the certificate plan. (Page 4)

At the meeting of the Scotch Picknick association held at the village of Brandon June 6th, the Hon. David Whitton was elected president for the ensuing year, and R. E. Oliver of Waupun was elected secretary. David Whitton and Robert Clark were elected as a committee for procuring speakers and arranging a suitable program for the Scotch picnic to be held at the Glendening Grove two and one half miles northwest of the city of Waupun, on Wednesday, June 24th. On motion, Hugh Meikle and James Brisbane were elected as a committee to prepare the grounds and arrance the tables, etc., said association believing that James Brisbane was a suitable person to look after the interests of the ladies, instructed him to furnish lemonade and other liquid refreshments for their use. And on motion a general invitation was extended to all nationalities to attend the picnic at said time and place, to spend the day in a social gathering with the Scotch clan. By order of the association. David Whitton, Pres., R. L. Oliver, Sec'y. (Page 4)

Oshkosh has again come to the front in the sensational line that startles the world for crime. Though reports lack verification and are of such a nature they become unfit for publication. (Page 4)

A report also comes from Green Lake that a somewhat sensational affair took place on the bosom of the gay little lake that caused commotion for a short time. It is told us that a couple came down from Berlin and engaged Capt. Pierce to take them across to the Spring Grove house, and after stopping a time, started back across the lake and when well out the young lady undertook to commit suicide by drowning. She jumped out of the boat, but Capt. Pierce caught her dress and pulled her back in, saving her life. It is said the man's name is Sackett and the lady's Steadman. All is well that ends well. (Page 4)

Fond du Lac county will hold a fair this fall. (Page 4)

Andrew Carnegie's order on the Bank of the Netherlands for $1,500,000 to pay for the construction of a palace of peace at The Hague was the largest sum ever drawn in a check by that bank. It was handed Saturday to the Dutch minister of foreign affairs as the trustee of The Netherlands government. (Page 4)


John Kaufman and his wife Lillian of Appleton, were married about nine years ago, April 25th, last, in the circuit court, a divorce was granted then and on last Monday they went to Menominee and were remaried. They apparently did not know what they wanted; they only "considered." (Page 1)

According to reports, stalwartism and half-breedism will be brought into the confines of the campment of the Grant Army of the Republic, now being held at Chippewa Falls. Let us hope the report is unfounded. (Page 1)

Down at St. Louis they are howling because they have too much water; up at Minneapolis they are shedding tears because they have not water enough for domestic purposes. Why don't the two extreme cities call on St. Paul to dam the stream with her political boodle that all may share alike? (Page 1)

The State Municipal League will hold a convention at Oshkosh today and tomorrow. We see by the program that Mayor I. F. Strauss [Ripon?] is down as a leader of discussion. We sincerely hope that our mayor will receive honorable mention of his efforts in this line. (Page 4)


Mrs. J. R. Pike of Fond du Lac was called home Saturday on account of the illness of her mother, Mrs. Jno. Pierce.
The Eldorado church has recently received a coat of paint.
Mr. and Mrs. George McDumont, of Fond du Lac, were callers in this village Sunday.
Dr. Peterson and family left Saturday for their new home in Ladysmith.
Bert Monroe and wife were here between trains Saturday.
Quite a number from here attended the graduating exercises at Rosendale Friday evening.
Our village school closed last week for summer vacation.
Henry McMillian was a caller at W. R. Anderson's Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Woodruff were busy calling on friends last Saturday.
Leroy Duel returned Friday morning from EauClaire (sic), where he spent several days as a delegate to the Odd Fellows grand lodge.
Ed. McCloughlin, of Chicago, who was called home on account of the death of his brother, has returned.
The Misses Mamie and Daisy O'Shea spent Saturday morning with Mrs. Rob't O'Neil, of Rosendale.
Dr. Morse, who will succeed Dr. Peterson, is seen in our midst.
Fred Henning, Jr., has just received a car load of machinery which he is busy unloading.


Dr. T. M. Welch was in Fairwater last week.
Mrs. O. M. Layton was an Oshkosh visitor Saturday.
Miss Mabel Cease left for Dakota yesterday morning.
A. Masolnek was in Milwaukee a few days last week.
Needed improvements are being made on our streets.
H. H. Born made a trip to the western country this week.
C. C. Cease has been laid up up with lumbago for a few days.
J. Johnson and wife visited at Beaver Dam Saturday and Sunday.
Next Sunday will be observed in the U. B. church as Children's Day.
Roy Wikkerink came up yesterday from Belvedere to visit a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Tinkham spent Sunday with friends in Milwaukee.
Born, to Rev. and Mrs. G. C. Alborn, a daughter, Monday morning, June 8.
Mrs. A. Daubledey has returned home from a few days visit at Waupun.
A new line of dry goods, hats and shoes just received at G. A. Smith & Co's.
The Dick Thompson Jubilee singers gave a concert here Wednesday evening.
Ed Bruins, O. Kastun and G. W. Klumpers were Ripon visitors last week.
The Davis Bros., of the Markesan Fair store, were Fairwater visitors Sunday.
John Vant Hoff, Sr., and M. Vant Hull, of Alto, have gone on a trip to South Dakota.
Tinkham Bros. have just received a car of middlings which they are selling at $18 per ton.
Elder True and wife returned Monday evening from a weeks visit with relatives at Portage.
Mrs. A. L. Bratsch, of Minnesota, is the guest of her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Smith.
Mrs. Geidel and Mrs. Vedder, of Brandon, were visitors at A. Masolnek's one day last week.
Smith & Schmuel have just received a car load of middlings and a car of corn this week. Call on them for feed.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Williams, of Minneapolis, are visiting with Mr. Williams' father, T. J. Williams, this week.
Jule Eggleston is putting up two miles of woven wire fence on his farm north of twon. Ed. Johnson is doing the work.
C. A. Smith sold a bunch of March chicks to Milwaukee parties for 25c a pound and they weighed nearly two pounds each. A pretty good showing.
Wm. Daehn will give a grand 4th of July ball at his hall on Friday evening, July 3, 1903. All are cordially invited to attend. Music by the Ripon orchestra, Ed. Wilde, leader.
Tinkham Bros. have just received a car load of buggies and carriages, which they are offering very reasonable. Call and see them.
W. J. Mozely has just put in a De LaVall cream separator for Mrs. Bodtke, who resides southwest of town. McDonnell, the blacksmith, made the connections and fastenings.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam'l Marcus, Mrs. F. Marcus and son Sidney, Benj. Yovitz and Esther Sax, all of Columbia, were guests at the home of A. Masolnek Sunday and Monday. Mrs. Sam'l Marcus will remain for a week.




Miss Genevieve Maske was in Fond du Lac several days last week, on business connected with the settlement oif the estate of John Maske.
P. Wicks, A. P. Wicks and Louis Franz, who have been touring the west and south west for the past two months, returned to Ripon last Friday. They report an enjoyable trip.
The foundation walls of the Thiel stores are now ready for the bricks.
Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Boom and son of Alto, visited friends in Ripon Wednesday.
Many of the city's workmen are now at the lake, putting in repairs and decorating cottages there.
The South Side Turners at Fond du Lac, held a picnic and barbacue (sic) Sunday. A six hundred pound ox was roasted for the occasion.
Jake Ludwig moved a piano to Rosendale last week for R. F. Morenus.
H. R. Brewer went to Beaver Dam Monday.
Louie Mason was in town over Sunday.
Attorney Roy Reed had business at Berlin last week.
Geo. Stannard of Rosendale was in the city Saturday.
Frank McLaughlin was in the city Saturday on business.
A license to wed has been granted Rosa M. Drake of Ripon, and John M. Pusey of Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Miss Louise Griese, who has been at Wells Wright's, West Rosendale, for some time past, is at home again.
A large number from the city spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday at the lake.
E. C. Soule drove in from West Rosendale one day last week with about the finest pair of horses that comes to town. While here he purchased a fine new buggy from one of our dealers and now has a complete outfit second to none.
Miss Hattie Barnes and Frank Dillon were married last evening at the residence of Dr. Barnes, father of the bride, Dr. Kidder performing the ceremony. The young people left on a wedding tour.


Mrs. Kentop, aged 76, died at the home of her son William Saturday morning. The funeral will be hld at the Lutheran church Monday with interment in the Rosendale cemetery.
Miss Alice M. Tetherly, Mrs. C. Devoe, Miss Laura Walker, Miss Sarah Hoyt, of Rosendale, and Miss Jennie Henderson and Miss Meyers, of Ripon, left Monday for Oshkosh to spend the week near Electric Park.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Anderson and daughter Jessie, of Fond du Lac, attended the graduating exercises Friday evening.
Miss Mae Ottery, of Fond du Lac, who has been the guest of Miss Eloise Marchant for a few days, returned home Monday.
The semi-annual business meeting of the C. E. society of the Congregational church was held Tuesday evening. Mrs. John Scribner was elected president.
Misses Mary Johnson, of Oshkosh, Margaret Bellmer, of Fond du Lac, and Clara Bellmer, of Friendship, were guests of relatives and friends here Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. W. Whipple and Mrs. Lucy Perry spent Thursday and Friday in Oakfield.
Miss Mary Brainard, of Osago, Ia., is spending the week with her aunt, Mrs. Geo. C. Hill.
Mrs. T. Roughton and children, of Appleton, are visiting friends and relatives her (sic) this week.
Harry Curtis and Pilinda and Cora Curtis, of Neenah, are spending a few days with friends here.
Geo. D. Telfer, of Fort Atkinson, and J. D. Clark, of Whitewater, were at Geo. C. Hill & Son's one night last week.
J. C. O'Neil was a Ripon visitor Wednesday.
Miss Claud Dilts, of Eldorado, is the guest of Miss Lucy Butler.
E. C. Sherwin and Wife, of Brandon, were visitors here Tuesday.
Mrs. Sheldon, of Ripon, visited Mrs. Griffiths Friday and Saturday.
Davis Jones & Williams shipped three cars of stock Wednesday.
Mrs. James Beggs, of Plainfield, is visiting her sister, Mrs. John O'Neil.
Children's Day will be observed in the M. E. church next Sunday at 10:30.
McKnight & Co. are a new firm consisting of L. A. McKnight and H. O. Lengelson, two young business men who have formed a partnership in the drug and grocery business. They have purchased the grocery stock formerly owned by Geo. Stannard and thr L. A. McKnight drug stock. They will occupy both store rooms and will cut an arch way between the two, making it convenient to pass from one store to the other. They will at all times keep the best, up to date goods in their lines. We wish them unbounded success.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Scribner, Mr. and Mrs. F. (?) H. Scribner, Mr. and Mrs. E. Scribner, Geo. C. Hill, M. L. Welles and Chas. L.Hill attended the summer meeting of the Western Guernsey Breeder's Association at Athens, June 3rd, and all report having had a very pleasant time. About 75 were in attendance from the south part of the state, and area farmers and village people attended the afternoon meeting and enjoyed the picnic dinner. The party were the guests of Mr. Reitbrock from the time they left Milwaukee, and he had for their accomodation a Pullman and Pres. Whitcomb's private car.
Mrs. C. McCumber returned from EauClaire (sic) Friday Evening. She went as a delegate from the Rebekah lodge. She reports a very pleasant and profitable trib.
Mrs. Sarah Whitney died at her home at 10 o'clock Tuesday evening after a long lingering illness of several years, aged 82 years. The funeral was held Thursday at Rosendale Centre church at 1:30 p. m., and her remains taken to Ripon for burial.
There was a large attendance at the graduating exercises. The program was well rendered and the music exceptionally fine and appreciated by all.
Mrs. G. W. Hinman of Marshfield left for her home Tuesday morning after spending a week with her daughter, Mrs. W. N. Candlish.
W. J. Gillette returned from his New York trip Monday. He brought with him a valuable young Holstein cow.
Carrie, Frank, and Robbie Candlish left Monday to rusticate at the lake near Oshkosh. Their father will join them later.
Mr. and Mrs. Stannard left Saturday for Ripon to visit friends and then will go to Greenbush to spend some time with relatives.
Mrs. Lyman and daughter Miss Ruth returned home the last of the week from Byron where they had been visiting friends and relatives.
Joseph Scribner arrived home from Washington last week after an absence since last fall.
Mrs. and Mrs.James O'Neil spent Saturday in Rogersville (?) visiting their daughter, Mrs. Brayton.
Rev. and Mrs. T. H. Codman attended the silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Bradley of Ladoga Monday.
Veagh Curtis is home having closed his school at Fairwater, where he has been teaching the past year.
Harry Morgan was a Neenah visitor Sunday.
Dr. Shafford and son were in town Wednesday.
Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert spent Tuesday in Fond du Lac.
Mrs. R. N. Pinch was an Oshkosh visitor Monday.
L. K. Gillette & Son had the misfortune to lose a valuable cow Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Curtis are at their cottage on the shores of Green Lake.
Samuale Whitney was called here Wednesday by the death of his mother, Mrs. Sarah Whitney.


Lewis Hyde has been attending the meeting of the County board at Fond du Lac this week.
The Town Line church was recently struck by lightning.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Fordice of Markesan were visitors at S. H. Rasey's the first of the week.
Herman Tetzlaff has raised and repaired his barn.
Miss. Frances and Ray Fordice graduated from the Rosendale high school last Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Crane visited relatives about here the first of the week.
Children's day will be observed at the Town Line church next Sunday morning. All are invited to attend.
Chas. F. Fordice left Tuesday morning for Chppewa Falls where he will attend the Soldier's reunion.
The West Rosendale school closes June 19th with a picnic.
Mrs. Lucy Barker, Josie and Edna Tarr returned last week from Weyanwega where they drove to visit relatives.
The Town Line school closed last Friday.


The McLaughlin boys, who reside east and north of the city [Ripon], have about one of the best kept farms in this section. Their lawn is as neat and tastefully arranged as is the best in the city. They have a system of water works about their buildings conveniently arranged so that carrying water in a pail on this farm is out of style. They have a boiler that furnishes hot water in cold weather for stock purposes, and at the same time it is connected with a neat little bath house, thus by turning a faucet either hot or cold water is always at hand, neat and convenient for both man and beast. A novel feature of this water works system is the power that keeps the tanks filled, instead of a wind mill, which cannot be relied upon only in stormy times, they have substituted a tread power which is handily housed and accessible in the basement of the barn, and this is propelled by an ancient mule, who undoubtedly cast eyes on the American continent long before the writer bore the honorable title of a "printer's devil", nevertheless this noble animal understands his business to perfection and it is his duty to step into his tread machine every day for one or two hours, and he has become so well acquainted with the system that all that is needed is to point a finger at the machine and his muleship steps in without a whimper; though he is not as pretty as a spring chicken, still he is a most useful part of this complete farm water works system. The boys are now erecting another large barn, and the next thing we expect to hear of is that they have established an electric light plant about their farm buildings and yards. Any way (sic) they have things very handy and neat, and the electric light plant would put them in touch with city life, so that when they become older and get married, they could enjoy all the luxuries this life affords.
Most of the landscape pictures taken this year of the south and west are of the "water color" variety.

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