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The Fairwater Register.
Village of Fairwater, Wisconsin


June 5, 1903 (Vol. 1, No. 7)

The seventh issue of The Fairwater Register continued the general format established with the May 15 issue. Returning after a brief absence was the "Rosendale" banner, appearing on the first page, "Ripon Items" continued on the last page but was renamed simply "Ripon." New with the issue were two new last page banners, "Eldorado" and "Green Lake," devoted to the social news of those communities.

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Zene Spaulding's team, hitched to a three seated buggy, started from in front of Daehn's place Saturday and ran home , three miles, and never broke or injured a thing, and they ran fast, too. As they entered the yard Mr. Spaulding's son caught them and started back to town after his father, but happily met him coming home, and was surprised as he surmised that some accident had happened. (page 1)

The Alto Telephone Co., limited, were incorporated May 1st, with E. Bruins, president; H. S. Shepherd, secretary, and A. Bruins, Jr., treasurer. The company are limited to a capital of $3,000, shares each $25, limited to 120 shares. They are putting in ten and one half miles of 20-foot five inch poles. The phones are 1600, and 6 bar generator, 150,000 ohm resistence, and run from Fairwater to Alto Center, and it is expected to run to Brandon in the near future, but not to Ripon or Markesan, as stated in a former issue of this paper. The first annual meeting of the company was Tuesday evening at Bruin's Corners in the twon of Alto, and will be held hereafter the first Tuesday in June each year. They received the first consignment of poles this week and are now at work distributing them along the line and setting them, and will surely have the line in operation by July 1st. The company is composed of solid business men with brains and plenty of cash behind them to make the enterprise a success and we believe they will easily accomplish their desired object. (page 1)

Edward Murry of Eldorado had two sheep killed by lightening last week. There were two killed at about the same time on the Jenning's farm [Rosendale]. (page 1)

Rodina Fitsman committed suicide Sunday at the county insane asylum where she was confined. She was 84 years of age and was brought to this county from Peshtigo. (page 4)

A disastrous fire at Racine Sunday, and the great floods throughout the southwest, with a terrible tornado in Georgia sums up the week's record of disaster, with hundreds of lives lost and millions of dollars worth of property destroyed. (page 4)

The corner stone of the new German M. E. church at Fond du Lac will be laid with appropriate ceremony the last of June. (page 4)


"J. C. Steinman, supervisor of assessments, went to Madison Monday, seeking light on some of the dark problems he is called upon to solve, but after interviewing the attorney general, the tax commissioners and the governor he is still in doubt. It appears that the legislature passed a mortgage tax law, but the members forgot to read it before voting on it."--Montello cor. State Journal. That is one great trouble with our legislators. Too many laws are passed that the members themselves do not know, and seem not to care, what they are for or rthe effect they will have. An assemblyman this year, not more than a thousand miles away, said: "I shall vote for the tax measure because Mr. ---- is going to vote for it." He had not read it, did not know anything about it and seemed to care less. If the people will persist in electing such men to the legislature they may expect rotten results. No man is fit to be a legislator unless he has a mind of his own and the manhood to assert his rights. One legislator who uses his own mind is worth more to the people than an army of nonities. (page 1)

Mayor Rose of Milwaukee now attributes his defeat for governor to W. Jennings Bryan. They must have moonshine whiskey on tap in Milwaukee these days. (page 4)

Three cars of paving brick arrived at Fond du Lac last week for paving Main street. Fondy is badly in need of a better street. (page 4)

It is said that Gov. LaFollette is the champion governor of the world in using his veto power. He can't hold a candle to our mayor in this line. (page 4)


Miss Lulu O'Shea returned to her school in Eden, after spending Sunday at home.
The Y. P. S. C. E. gave an ice cream social at the church Friday evening. All report a good time. Proceeds, $5.36.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Henning, of Fond du Lac, were calling on friends and relatives Saturday and Sunday.
J. R. Scribner has gone to Minneapolis to attend the graduation of his son Jamie.
Quite a number from this vicinity attended memorial services [Memorial Day] in Fond du Lac.
Mrs. George McDermot and sister Anna, of Fond du Lac, were the guests of Mrs. Steele Friday and Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Abbs were Fond du Lac visitors last Wednesday.
Martin McCormick passed away this morning after an illness of about one week.
Mrs. John Meyers and sons went to Ripon Saturday.
Miss Nellie Scribner has gone to Hermansville, where she will visit her brother Percy.
Communion services were held in the church Sunday at which time six new members were added, viz., Mr. and Mrs. A. Hielman, Mrs. J. Close, Mr. and Mrs. L. Close, and Mr. Kendrick Dilts.
Mr. Hielman and L. Duel have treated their residences to a new coat of paint, which has greatly improved them.
John Schoore, Jr.'s, smiling countenance is now seen at our factory mornings.
Miss Eva Atkins spent Sunday in Rosendale, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. McKnight.


A man in chains showed up in town Tuesday.
C. A. Smith was a Milwaukee visitor Tuesday.
Big stock of fly nets just received at J. W. Lyons (sic).
Jule Luske of Markesan was in town Tuesday.
Dr. Welsh of Waupun was in the village yesterday.
Born--To Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hull, a son, Friday, May 29.
H. B. Road of Beaverdam (sic) is visiting at James Johnsons.
Mrs. Mike O'Hare and son of Fox Lake spent Sunday here.
Miss Leiske is in Ripon for a two week's visit with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Whitting of Ripon were recent visitors here.
Mrs. A. Vanduyn went to Eau Claire Wednesday for a visit.
C. C.Cease still has a good many of those ocean wave washers.
Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Wikkerink went to Milwaukee Wednesday.
Mrs. H. P. Cody and son Harry of Ripon were in the village Tuesday.
Louis Kenyon is at Fond du Lac this week on county board matters.
The powers that be are making needed improvements on our streets.
Miss Ostrander, who has been visiting here, left for her home at St. Paul Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. McNamee of Green Lake were guests at the McConnell home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Haley of Montello visited Mr. and Mrs. Archie McDonald over Sunday.
W. D. Robinson and T. H. Barker went to Oshkosh Wednesday to attend the state Sunday school convention.
C. O. Tinkham and wife, and Mrs. M. A. Tinkham attended the state Sunday school convention at Oshkosh Wednesday.
Fred Griffith has been very sick with pneumonia at the home of Gard Miller. Dr. Layton is in attendance. He is now improving and it is thought the worst is over.
Fairwater and the Prairie Tigers had a ball game last Sunday and it ended up with a score of 22 to 8. Albert Laining got his thumb badly hurt and H. R. Laining took his place in the game.
McConnell and Vanduyn, we are told, have a couple of game roosters that are crackerjacks, and that these fowls had set to the other day which beat anything ever seen in Fond du Lac county.
Daehn's Pinkster ball Monday evening was one of the largest and best ever given in this place. There were present one hundred gentlemen and one hundred and twenty-five ladies. Everything passed off quietly and nicely and all pronounced it the leading social event of Fairwater.
Our public schools closed last Friday with appropriate exercises held in the Baptist church.
The Reporter says the assistant postmaster at Fond du Lac does not receive any more than the law allows. Why should he?
Guy Miller of Markesan went to Oshkosh last week to have an operation for apendicitis. He is doing nicely and is expected home soon. His brother Gard was up to see him Saturday.


Mrs. R. Prout of Ripon visited here recently.
H. Moldenbauer is visiting friends at Milwaukee.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Burroughs of Ripon visited here last week.
School closed in Dist. No. 5 Friday.
Miss Alma Ostreich is visiting relatives at Princeton.
Mrs. L. Corbett of California has been the guest of Mrs. P. King.
Mr. Rader and son are in Wood county this week.
Wallace Card and Arthur Staples are spending the week in Minnesota.
Miss Lena Ahrens of Fond du Lac is the guest of her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Kimble entertained several friends at their home one evening last week.
Mrs. S. Staples and daughter are visiting relatives in Sturgis, S. D.
Mrs. Ed Fischer is visiting friends at Almond.
A large number from here attended the Memorial day services at Ripon Saturday. A. J. Amend of Ripon had business at Green Lake Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Schultz of Montello are now living at the Center.


B. Chappel was over from Dartford Monday.
Miss Nellie Brown visited at Dartford last week.
Oscar Brookman and Rob't Gatzke were Princeton visitors Tuesday.
C. Carry of Berlin and F. Huson of Milwaukee were guests of Al Wolff Sunday.
J. O. Johnson is now taking orders from the Premium Coffee and Spice Mills of chicago. He reports good sales and that his business is growing daily.
H. Harris and H. Willis of Dartford were in Ripon last week.
Is Ripon going to celebrate the fourth this year.
One of the social events of the season took place Tuesday evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Martell in the town of Rosendale, being the opening dance of their new home which they have just finished. About fifty people attended who danced to the sweet strains furnished by Pike's orchestra of Oshkosh. Luncheon was served and a very enjoyable evening was happily spent.
A dancing party was given in honor of Edward Wilde at Lyle's hall Tuesday evening. Mr. Wilde highly favored the assembled guests by rendering three very fine violin selections.
Jenner A. Pinch and his wife, formerly Elizabeth Bucholz, the college students who were recently secretly married in Michigan, have been suspended from the college. It is said that they will enter Beloit college the coming year.
C. P. Haseltine has a bedstead that is said to be built in Spain 141 years ago. It is of solid mahogany with canopy top, and has been admired by hundreds who have seen it standing in the show window at Butzine & Falkenstein's furniture store. Mr. Haseltine procured it in New Orleans while on his recent visit to that city. It is elaborately carved and finished in the most artistic manner and makes a very odd and interesting piece of furniture.
Mrs. Alice Bonnell visited at Rosendale this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kurth are visiting in Winneconne this week.
Archie Wilson of Chicago spent a few days with relatives here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dunlap of Milwaukee visited relatives here this week.
Lewis Pynch has bought the Matthews place on Main street and will move into the house in about a month.
The remains of Mrs. J. H. Hurlburt who dies at her home near Madison Sunday, aged about 35 years, arrived here Tuesday evening and were laid at rest in the Ceresco cemetery. The funeral having taken place at Madison. The deceased was a sister of Mrs. T. g. Sullivan and also of Mrs. Henry Corliss.
Fred Chittenden of Wild Rose spent Sunday in the city.
Edw. Wilde arrived home from Germany last Thursday. His many friends gave him a hearty welcome home after a two years' absence.
The James & Loss Co. gave three performances here this week and satisfaction was discernable from all. They appear to be very nice people.
The cremated remains of Mrs. Samuel Salisbury arrived here by express from Minneapolis yesterday. A daughter is expected here tomorrow to attend the burial, when the ashes of the deceased will repose by the side of the body of her husband. Years ago Mr. Salisbury kept a grocery store on Main street near the corner drug store.
Attorneys Pedrick and Reed were in Fond du Lac on business Monday.
Cody, Cole, Oyster and company enjoyed a fishing excursion to Wautoma Friday and Saturday.
Dr. H. A. Well received notice of his re-appointment as oil inspector for this section Tuesday morning.
Mrs. I. B. Lange visited relatives at Fond du Lac last week.
Mrs. Josephine Trier visited at Fond du Lac over Sunday.


Mrs. J. O'Neil is quite ill.
W. Everling of Fond du Lac was a caller here Sunday.
Miss Katherine Eck visited friends at Fond du Lac over Sunday.
Mrs. A. W. Marchant and daughter spent Thursday in Fond du Lac.
Misses Loa Balcom and Ida Fairbank were Ladoga callers Sunday.
Mrs. T. Cadman and Mrs. F. Lawson called on Ripon friends Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. DeVoe of Lamartine called at Dr. C. A. DeVoe's Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. I. Pynch pleasantly entertained friends to tea on Wednesday.
Harry Scribner and Will Hellman of Eldorado were callers her Sunday evening.
Mrs. W. Hinman of Marshfield is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. W. Candlish.
Mesdames R. N. Ploch and George Stannard called on Ripon friends Thursday.
Cards are out announcing the marriage of Clara Averback to albert H. Mille. The wedding is to take place Wednesday, June 17.
Geo. Thompson called on friends here Friday and Miss Ruth Thompson Saturday.
Mrs. L. E. Wheeler of Fond du Lac spent Thursday and Friday visiting friends here.
C. H. Anderson was at Rosendale Tuesday visiting and attending to business matters.
Miss Jessie Anderson of Fond du Lac visited friends and relatives here Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Windecker and Mr. and Mrs. Boune of Fond du Lac spent Saturday visiting here.
N. Haag and wife of Stevens Point have been visiting relatives and friends here the past week.
Miss Amelia Belliner of Friendship, who has spent the past two weeks with relatives here, returned to her home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Meyer of Eldorado attended decoration day exercises at Ripon Saturday. They were formaly (sic) residents of Ripon.
Mrs. M. Gardner and little daughter Marjorie of Dartford, and Mrs. J. Butcher and daughter Maud of Oakfield, visited relatives here Sunday.
Mrs. R. Short and son of Beloit, who have been visiting relatives here, returned home Thursday accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Hammond.
Thos. McLaughlin, who has had supervision over the Eldorado schools for the past three years closed his school yesterday, and says while he has been successful in this line, will not follow teaching any longer, that he has taut (sic) his last term.
Jas. K. Scribner, of Eldorado, left for Minneapolis last Friday to be present at the commencement exercises of the Minnesota State University, from which his son, James C., graduated from the law department, yesterday with high honors.
Miss Laura Walker and Edward J. Eck will render a few select musical numbers on the violin and piano Friday evening at the high school commencement exercises in the Congregational church.
The Odd Fellows hall was crowded Saturday on account of Memorial day. The speech in the afternoon was by Mr. Ecke of Fond du Lac. The evening program was by home talent. Both programs were very fine.
Geo. Stannard sold his grocery store to Oscar Lingerson Tuesday and he will take possession at once. George does not know what he is going to do but thinks he will travel for some grocery house.
Edward Murray of Eldorado had two sheep killed by lighting (sic) last week. There were two killed at about the same time on the Jenning's farm.
Officers of the Rosendale Memorial association are: F. H. Scribner, Pres., Lucy N. Perry, Vice Pres., John Scribner, Sec'y., Frank Bowe, Treas.,
Oscar Lengelson of Hamilton called on Mr. and Mrs. L. A. McKnight Thursday.
E. C. Sherwin and son of Brandon sold a fifty-two foot bridge to the town of Fond du Lac Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Windecker and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bowen of Fond du Lac visited friends here Saturday.
Rev. T. H. Cadman and Mrs. Lucy Perry were appointed delegates to the Sunday school association held at Oshkosh this week.
The commencement exercises of the High school will be held this evening. There is a class of nine.
Mrs. Wm. Bratz is making improvements on the store buildings of C. J. Eck and A. E. Pynch.
Mr. and Mrs. Heavy attended the funeral of Mike Mccormick at Eldorado Tuesday.




Which is the debtor's favorite tree? The willow (will owe).
When was paper money first mentioned in the Bible? When the dove brought the green back to Noah.
What fish is the most valued by a loving wife? Her ring.
What is the hardest thing to deal with? An old pack of cards.
How do bees dispose of their honey? They cell it, of course.
Why is death like the letter E? It is the end of life.
Why ought fishermen to be wealthy? Because theirs is all net profit.
What is that which a cart cannot move without, but yet is of no use to it? Noise.
Why is a balky hore like an organ? Because his leading features are his stops.
Why is blanc mange not fit to eat? Because it is generally moulded.
Why is the sofa that your father is sitting on like some railroad stock? Because it is below par.
Why would an owl be offended if you called him a pheasant? It would be making game of him.
What is the difference between anger and an over? One makes you beat and the other bakes your meat.
Why is a pretty young lady like a wagon wheel? Because she is surrounded by felloes (fellows).
Why should painters never allow children to go into their studios? Because of them easles (the measles) which are there.--St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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