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Newspaper 1882 Feb 23 Brandon Times D. Eggleston Disputes Weather
Newspaper 1882 Mar 23 Brandon Times D. Eggleston Remembers Winter of 1845-6
Newspaper 1882 Nov 30 Brandon Times More Snow
Newspaper 1882 Dec 28 Brandon Times Ice Hauling Begins
Newspaper 1884 Feb 14 Brandon times Hazen Hauling Ice
Newspaper 1888 Jan 5 Brandon Times Fairwater Items
Newspaper 1904 Jan 29 Fairwater Register Fairwater Observations
Newspaper 1904 Feb 5 Fairwater Register Rev. Alborn Lecture
Newspaper ca. 1917/1918 Brandon Times Many Barns Blown Down in Fairwater
Photograph 1922 Feb 22 Ice Storm
Newspaper 1923 Feb 22 Brandon Times Blizzard and Train Wreck
Newspaper 1932 Mar 10 Brandon Times Mosquitoes in March, 1851, South of Fairwater Writes Former Resident

Photograph ca. 1918 Tommy Zellmer and D. W. Horn in Front of Bank

Newspaper ca. 1941-1945 Fair Water Private With Unit Which Cut Wires To Save Bridge Over Danube
Photograph 1943 Bill Horn, Boot Camp, Farragut, Idaho
Photograph ca. 1943 Henslin and Bomber Crew
Newspaper 1944 Aug 10 Brandon Times Red Cross Sends Word of Harold Henslin's Death
Newspaper 1944 Oct Brandon Times Second Fairwater Man Loses Life in His Country's Service
Newspaper 1944 Nov Brandon Times Lieske Writes of Life in France
Newspaper 1945 Jan Brandon Times Lieske Writes of Experiences While in France
Newspaper 1945 May 24 Brandon Times Deep in Hitler's Own Backyard
Photograph 1945 Bill Horn and Henry Johnson in Guam
Photograph 1945 Jack Horn in Germany with Friend
Newspaper 1948 May 21 Brandon Times Harold Henslin's Body Is Returned for Burial