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Contributor: Dorothy Louise Gogert
Source: Personal collection donated January 15, 2001, in memory of her mother, Helena Bertha Frei


Helena Bertha Frei Post Card Collection

"Given in memory of Helena Bertha Frei--married to Fred Emil Fenske on May 8, 1912--in Fairwater, by Dorothy Louise Fenske--married to Wallace Earl Gogert on June 17, 1934--who treasures  her memories of times spent in Fairwater." 1/15/2001

The cards in this collection were mailed to Helena Frei before and just following, and to Fred Fenske before, their marriage. Many appear to have been mailed shortly after the date of the photographs, suggesting that area residents were on the lookout for new cards as they appeared.

Dates refer to postmark or letter date
1905_fwzion_front_180_hg.jpg (10915 bytes)
1905 Lutheran Parsonage
1906_jimtown_front_180_hg.jpg (12494 bytes)
1906 Jimtown
1907_greetings_front_180_hg.jpg (8797 bytes)
1907 Bank & Baptist Church
1908_fwbaptist_front_180_hg.jpg (12411 bytes)
1908 Free Baptist Church
1908_fwdam_front_180_hg.jpg (13159 bytes)
1908 Fairwater Dam
1908_fwjimtown_front_180_hg.jpg (8468 bytes)
1908 Jimtown
1911_fwscenes_front_180_hg.jpg (13961 bytes)
1911 Fairwater Scenes
1911_fwtrolley_front_180_hg.jpg (10646 bytes)
1911 Fairwater Trolley
1912_fwhill_front_180_hg.jpg (9576 bytes)
1912 Main Street Hill
1912_fwjimtown_front_180_hg.jpg (9930 bytes)
1912 Jimtown
1913_fwzion_front_180_hg.jpg (4811 bytes)
1913 Zion Lutheran
unk_school_front_180_hg.jpg (9982 bytes)
Undated Public School