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News clippings from area papers are listed in the records indexes.


The Fairwater Register:
Fairwater's only newspaper, the Fairwater Register, was published every Friday from 1903 to 1905 by E. H. Howe. Transcriptions have been collected from microfilm at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin library.


Topical Collections from Area Newspapers:
Ripon's Booth War, 1860 (Ripon Times)

Ripon's Booth War, 1860 (Waupun Times)

James B. Pond's Editorials, 1861 (Markesan Journal)

Creating the Brandon-Markesan RR, 1882 (Brandon Times)

Creating the Brandon-Markesan RR, 1883-84 (Green Lake County Democrat)


Fairwater Public School


Fairwater Public School Teachers

Fairwater Public School Students

Fairwater Public School Christmas Program, 1950

Fairwater Public School Christmas Program, 1951

Fairwater Public School Christmas Program, 1952


Electronic Documents


Fairwater Village Board Proceedings: 1921 | 1922 (partial)

Fond du Lac County: Annual Report of the Assessor of Incomes, 1924

Telephone Directory: Fairwater-Brandon-Alto, Ladoga-Brandon, Eastern Alto Telephone Companies, February, 1950

Town of Metomen Tax Rolls: 1862 | 1864 | 1890 (transcription only)

Zion Lutheran Church: 75th Anniversary Booklet, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1947


Fairwater Area Writers

Stories, essays, poetry, letters, and recollections written by Fairwater area residents:


Soren Hansen's Letters to His Son, 1884.


"Zilda's Dream," Aaron L. Sleyster, 1893, from Hours of Pleasure, ca. 1900. Sleyster's poem was written in memory of a former teacher, Fairwater native Zilda Harwood.


"A Pioneer Boyhood," James B. Pond, from The Century Magazine, 1899; Pond's description of his experiences growing up two miles from Fairwater in northern Alto Township in the 1840's and 1850's.


"First Question Answered," James B. Pond, from Eccentricities of Genius, 1900, Pond's autobiographical preface to his portraits of the men and women he managed on the Lyceum circuit, mentioning his early abolitionist activities and emphasizing his experiences with Mormonism in Utah.


"Charles Sumner," James B. Pond, from Eccentricities of Genius, 1900, an autobiographical piece relating a disillusioning encounter between the great albolitionist spokesman and Pond and his father, Willard Pond, in 1858 in Ripon, Wisconsin.


From "Eccentricities of Genius," James B. Pond, the journal account of Pond's 1895 journey across North America with Mark Twain as manager of the first leg of Twain's world tour (transcript on the University of Virginia electronic text site, courtesy of Stephen Railton); Pond's photographs of the trip are included; Pond's role in and publicity for the 1894-95 tour of Twain and George W. Cable is also on the site, titled "Touring with Cable and Huck"


"The Booth War in Ripon," George W. Carter, from Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1902; a firsthand account by a Fairwater native--and later a Ripon-area attorney--of the armed standoff between Federal marshals and antislavery activists in Ripon in 1860.


"Rhythms of Life, George C. Alborn, 1941, a late collection of poetry written by Rev. Alborn, pastor of the Fairwater Free Baptist church from 1901-1904.


"I Remember Grandma," Mildred (Dunsmoor) Turner, an autobiographical account by a third generation descendant of Markesan area settlers.


"The Yosemite House - As I Remember," Mildred (Dunsmoor) Turner,  an autobiographical account by a third generation descendant of Markesan area settlers.


Tom Montag, Fairwater resident since the mid-1970s, has edited Margins: A Review of Little Magazines and Small Press Books (1972-76), has published a collection of critical pieces in Concern/s: essays and reviews (1977), has edited and contributed to the Fox River Patriot, and has published numerous books of poetry, including Making Hay & Other Poems (1975), Between Zen & Midwestern (1981), Middle Ground (1982), The Ox of Paradox (1999), and Curlew:Home (2001). Montag is currently involved with Vagabond In the Middle, a "project devoted to understanding what makes us middle western. It is an exploration of place on a wide scale, across the tall grass prairie from western Ohio to the eastern part of the Plains states. I intend to examine the character that gives us character; I want to find the stories that tell us why we are who we are."


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