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C. M. Foote and J. W. Henion, Plat Book of Fond du Lac Co., Wisconsin, 1893

Prior to 1873, there was no village at Eden. The Air Line Railroad gave it birth. The land, owned by L. Batterson, was platted when that road was built, and the first lot sold to A. Edelman, who built the first store. The large steam elevator was erected by Mr. Batterson. The first wheat shipped from the station was by Isaac Advance. The hotel was built by John Botzem, its proprietor. The post office was established by Peter Vandervoort in 1850. He kept it in his house, near by, until 1872, when he
resigned. T. Hardgrove is the present Postmaster. In addition to three stores and the various shops, Eden has a thriving cheese factory. (History of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, Western Historical Company, Chicago: 1880)


Eden Photo Album (courtesy Dave Majerus)


1862 Town of Eden Plat Map (From W. T. Coneys, Map of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, Bogert & Haight: 1862 (Copied and Indexed by Sally Powers Albertz, Wisconsin State Historical Society library Pam 93-3904 Mss Sect)

Civil War Veterans Credited to Town of Eden

History of Eden Township,
Jenny Tripp Sievers, 1926 (courtesy Dave Majerus) NEW
"History of Eden Emerges in Tale of James Mahoney," The Reporter, May 20, 1946 (transcription by Dave Majerus)

Edward McEnroe's Early Reminiscences of His Life in Eden Township

Auburn Area Scrapbook (Includes Town of Eden)

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