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Fond du Lac County
Town of Metomen
Village of Brandon

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Brandon's newspaper, the Brandon Times, was founded by G. M. West at the close of the American Civil War and was published continuously until 1978. It was the primary source of local reporting throughout that century-long period. Selected clippings from the Times and other area papers are collected in the Brandon Scrapbook as a record of the area's people, businesses, organizations, and issues.


Places, buildings, businesses & organizations



Others:  Fairwater Scrapbook   |  Auburn Area Scrapbook  |  Bentley-Braford Clipping Collection

Last Updated 1/18/2000

These pages represent an ongoing effort to collect information about the history of Brandon. If you have information to share, please contact Bob Schuster by email at rmschust@facstaff.wisc.edu or at 6020 Kristi Circle, Monona, Wisconsin 53716 (608) 221-1421.