The History of Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Date and Events 1880--1936

By Donald Paulson, member of the
Tomahawk Historical Society

    In the beginning before 1880 the Indians that occupied Wisconsin were the: Ottawa, Potawatomi, Sioux, Fox, Moscouten, Kickapoo, Saux, Huron, and Chippawa. They traded with the Hudson Bay Company: such as furs, venison, partridge, berries, and deer hides. For-- "Scootie Wau-boo, whiskey," flour and salt pork. Whiskey almost led to their extinction, as the excessive drinking made them crazy and mean, causing many fights among themselves and the white man. Most of these tribes moved to other parts of the United States. The Chippawa settled in this the Lac du Flambeau Reservation. Famous Chippewa Chiefs were "Keesh-Ke-mun", meaning 'sharpened stone', another great chief, was "Qsh-ka-ba-wis", meaning 'messenger or pipe bearer'. The Turtles & Bagoons were also well known tribes in this area.

Prominent men of Wisconsin at this time were: